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Solar Panels Scottish Highlands

In 2024, The Scottish Highlands has an overall population of nearly 240,000. More and more residents are embracing solar panel installations, with an increasing number also integrating solar battery storage for enhanced performance and returns on investment.

At Home Renewables Scotland, we’ve partnered with installers spanning the entire region, offering expert residential solar panel and battery storage installations at competitive prices. Here are some noteworthy offers and examples of solar PV system installations in your area.

Given the scarcity of solar installers in the Scottish Highland region, our partners provide a viable alternative, ensuring efficient service delivery to your local community.

For further information on solar panel installation in the Scottish Highlands, click here.

Domestic Solar Panels Scottish Highlands

Our partner installers specialise in installing residential solar panels, with streamlined processes and a fleet of vans, they achieve an optimal blend of cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Big enough to cope and small enough to care sums it up very well, guaranteeing you reap the benefits of local installation without incurring additional costs. Installation typically concludes within weeks post the initial home survey, providing an opportunity to deliberate on your energy requirements, system size, and projected installation costs.


Residential Solar Panels Installed in The Highlands

In this showcased installation, our partnered installers provided and fitted 10 solar panels on this charming cottage nestled in the Highlands. This modest yet efficient PV system stands as a prime example of optimal output, benefiting from an ideal roof angle for maximum yield. With each panel delivering 430 watts, the system is projected to produce 4.3 kW annually. Thanks to its high output, favourable roof angle, and minimal shading, the homeowner can expect to maximise their investment returns.

During your home survey, we dedicate the necessary time and attention to tailor bespoke systems for your specific needs, just like this one.

Solar Panels and Battery Storage Scottish Highlands

We highly recommend considering solar battery storage combining your solar panels with battery storage makes for maximum efficiency. This ensures that every unit of electricity generated by your solar panels is fully utilised, which is especially beneficial for homes with peak energy consumption in the evening.

Explore our package deals for solar panels and battery storage to maximise your investment. Additionally, we offer solar inverter replacement we also provide system enhancements and upgrades to ensure seamless compatibility with your battery storage and PV system, maximising overall efficiency.

2024 Solar Offers

⚡️Solar PV Systems from £4,000⚡️
⚡️Solar Panels and Battery from £6,500⚡️
⚡️VAT FREE Battery Storage⚡️
Grants and Loans Accepted✅
ASHP, Solar and Battery package still available✅
Quick turnaround on installs.
Home Renewables Scotland has partnered with new installers for 2024, all three provide the best level of service and value for solar available in the country🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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Solar Installation Scottish Highlands

Shown here are installations in Inverness, The Highlands, and various other locations across the country.

Over 800 Solar Panel Installations Last Year!


Solar panels installed in The Scottish Highlands

Solar panels with battery storage installed in Aberdeenshire

Solar battery storage installed in Inverness

Before and after solar panel installation in Dundee

Benefits of Fitting Solar Panels in 2024

Solar panels and other renewable energy sources hold significant promise for the future and represent a wise investment for your home in 2024. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Fitting a 4kW solar PV system can result in annual savings of hundreds of pounds on escalating electricity costs in the UK.

Producing your own electricity diminishes reliance on external energy sources and safeguards you from price fluctuations.

By disconnecting from the grid, you enhance your resilience against potential future price increases.

You also have the opportunity to sell any surplus energy back to the grid at current rates.

Shifting to renewable energy contributes to environmental conservation and diminishes reliance on conventional fossil fuels such as gas.

Over the years, the energy cost savings garnered from your solar panel system will balance out the initial installation cost.

Homes outfitted with solar panels often fetch higher resale values due to their diminished energy costs and eco-friendly allure.

Solar power plays a crucial role in diversifying the energy mix, enhancing energy security, and fortifying resilience against power outages, which is especially valuable for residents in rural areas of the Scottish Highland region.

In summary, installing solar panels offers both financial and environmental benefits, making it a smart investment for homeowners.
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar PV System Types

Solar PV, or solar photovoltaic, involves the conversion of light into electricity. In the Scottish Highlands, solar PV systems typically fall into four primary categories:

Monocrystalline solar PV systems are favoured for their high efficiency, reaching rates of up to 20% depending on installation quality, climate, and other factors. They are particularly suitable for roofs with limited space.

Polycrystalline solar PV systems, once a staple in the solar industry, are now considered a traditional option. While they were once the primary choice for new installations, they are still widely used globally.

These solar PV systems utilise thin panels made from materials with high light absorption, making them well-suited for solar panel systems despite their thin profile.

Hybrid PV systems channel the generated power to your inverter for immediate use as electricity in your home. Any surplus energy is stored in a home battery storage system, enabling its utilisation at a later time. This ensures maximum efficiency of the system while minimising waste.

We provide installation services for various types of solar panels and PV systems.
Home Renewables Scotland

Best Solar Panels For Scottish Highlands

Before delving into the expenses associated with solar panel installation, let’s first examine the best performing panel options accessible in the Scottish Highlands.

Monocrystalline solar panels are crafted from a single, large silicon crystal, unlike smaller chips. While they may entail a higher initial cost, their exceptional efficiency ensures optimal returns on your solar panel investment.

Typically sporting a black hue, these panels are available in various colours. They excel in scenarios where space is limited but substantial electricity output is required.

Consisting of numerous small silicon crystals, these panels represent the initial generation of solar technology. While they offer cost-effectiveness in manufacturing, they trail behind hybrid or monocrystalline panels in terms of innovation. Although less efficient than monocrystalline counterparts, they provide the most economical option.

Typically displaying a blue hue and larger dimensions compared to newer models, they may be less suitable for smaller spaces.

The adoption of amorphous solar panels is on the rise due to their adaptability. These panels are composed of multiple films layered atop each other, each responsive to specific light frequencies, collectively functioning as a solar panel.

These products offer a membrane-like quality rather than the bulkiness of traditional panels, making them flexible. They can be applied to various substrates such as glass, steel, or other suitable materials, enabling diverse applications.

For example, they can cover entire roofs without adding significant weight. They can also be applied to windows or skylights if space is limited.

However, these panels are less efficient than their counterparts, requiring a larger quantity for adequate energy production. Nevertheless, they are cost-effective, resilient to high temperatures, and have a sleek profile.

Hybrid solar panels merge the advantages of organic and inorganic semiconductors, enhancing their capacity to absorb light. This leads to high efficiency, significant electricity output, and suitability for compact spaces.

Despite being the priciest option, hybrid panels stand out as the top pick for the Highland climate due to their superior efficiency. However, investing in this technology often means opting for established brands at premium prices or taking a chance on lesser-known models for potentially less reliability.

During your initial consultation, we'll discuss the most suitable solar panel options tailored to your home's needs.
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar Panels Cost Scottish Highlands

The cost of solar panels in the Scottish Highlands hinges on various factors:

Panel Type and Output: Budget options may require more panels, while higher-quality ones are pricier per panel.

Size of the PV system: Smaller systems suffice for backup, while larger households may need more.

Energy needs: Larger families require more energy.

Roof size: Limited space may need pricier, more efficient panels.

Future plans: Consider future changes in needs.

In the Highlands, average domestic solar panels costs start at around £6,500, but smaller systems can begin at £4,000. Despite the investment, long-term savings and protection against rate hikes make it worthwhile. Surplus energy can also generate income if it exceeds consumption.

Solar Panel Grants Scottish Highlands

During 2024 there is only funding available in the Scottish Highlands for people buying both solar panels AND other renewables such as high heat retention storage heaters or an air source heat pump.

You can also qualify for a grant for one of these products on their own, if you already have one of them installed.

All funding is available via Home Energy Scotland.

Grants are awarded up to £9,000.

Solar Panels Scottish Highlands

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