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Solar Panels On Home Extension Scotland

You will have seen that there are more solar panels on home extensions in 2023 across Scotland and in recent years, they look modern and send a message of a new way of using power in your home. You will have perhaps wondered if it was something that you would like to install in your own home as they are less of an eye sore and more of a statement of change. If you consider installing solar panels to your home, you will be moving towards a green future and you will reap the benefits.

You will have heard about the devastating consequences of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore shifting energy from fossil fuels into renewable resources to achieve low-carbon societies has become one of the greatest challenges of our

Solar Panels Are The Future For Your Home

Installing solar panels on your home is wise decision in 2023, solar energy, including household and community based solar panels, is the fastest growing source of low-carbon electricity worldwide, and it could become the single largest source of renewable energy by mid-century. You will have heard all about Net Zero targets by 2030, and more architectural design is looking at new ways to build renewables into their plans. If your home is not a new build you can still benefit from a conversion or extension which will offer you renewable solar power which is
more affordable and better for the environment.

More people are becoming aware of the benefits of solar panels in their home which will make a difference by lowering your household bills as well as having a good effect on a sustainable future in our world. It makes sense to think about solar panels and the benefits that come with your
decision to change the way use power in your home. Every unit of electricity generated by solar panels is a unit less of high carbon electricity produced by fossil fuels. Amid rising energy prices, solar panels also offer a great way to generate your own electricity. There will be long term benefits and savings if you install solar panels with rising energy prices your electricity generated at home can be used to power electrical appliances, or even an electric vehicle, reducing the amount of electricity you import and pay for from the grid. The more solar panels you can install, the

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels On Your Extension

Home extension solar panels have a wide range of benefits relating to space, installation, maintenance and performance.

Some of these advantages include:

Generally speaking installing solar panels on your home extension is a much easier installation job.

Again, generally speaking (not always) it’s easier to access your solar panels installed on your home extension as opposed to the main roof of your house.

Cleaning, inspecting and servicing your solar panels are all far easier when they are installed on your extension.

Much like installing solar panels on your caravan, camper van, garage roof or garden room this depends on the location of your home extension.

Often peoples house extensions are better situated than the main roof of their house, making it a better option to install solar panels on or they simply allow space for a bigger solar array.

Solar panels on a conservatory extension
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Home extension solar panels are available for supply and installation across Scotland, Home Renewables Scotland is here to help you with the full process. 

We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money for decades with innovative solar energy solutions. 

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