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Solar panels on a flat roof

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Solar Panels On Flat Roof Scotland

People often wonder if they can have solar panels fitted onto a flat roof? So, we want to tell you that YES you can. It is different from sloping roofs and there are some things that you will need to think about. Flat roofs are more regularly seen in modern buildings. You have to consider standing water and look at drainage to ensure there are no issues with this. Solar panels can be fitted on metal, tile, felt, and gravel flat roofs.

Installing solar panels on flat roofs is a little less expensive than on sloped roofs with the labour cost being lower due to easier installation. Solar panels on flat roofs are between 30 and 40 degrees which means that there can be a better absorption of sun. They are easy to clean with help from rainwater due to the angle of the panels, rain will wash some grit and debris, keeping your panels clean. Flat roof mounted solar panels can be orientated usually in line with the footprint of the building. You can discuss the placing of the panels and angle with us when we look at the building during your free consultation. 

Installing Solar Panels On Your Flat Roof

You must take great care and attention into how any solar panels are fitted, installation is a crucial factor in relation to performance for various reasons. Experienced solar installers will know that flat roofs require a different mounting system from sloped roofs, and they may use a ballast system without any holes. This helps to minimise the risk of roof leakage and ensures that any warranties on the watertightness of the roof aren’t compromised, this is particularly important if your roof is brand new. 

Do You Need Planning Permission?

You will often require planning permission to install domestic solar panels on your flat roof, this is because they are placed in frames providing an angle to the sun, this usually results in more than 0.2 meters above the roof slope. You probably will not require planning permission if it’s a commercial solar panel system, stipulation is 1 metre from building edges and protrude I metre from the roof surface. Also listed buildings must apply for planning permission to look at the effects of solar panel installation and how it may change an important character of the area, the building, or the conservation of the area.

Benefits Of Solar Panels For Flat Roofs

Some of the benefits of installing solar panels on your flat roof include:

Often, especially when installing roof mounted solar panels, less space is taken up. 

Solar panels on flat roofs are easier to access, therefore, you can clean and maintain them easier.

Solar panels for flat roofs can be installed far quicker and overall are much less hassle to fit.

Some people like the fact that solar panels on flat roofs are less visible from street level.

Flat roof mounted solar panels
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar Panels on Flat Roofs in Edinburgh

As you can see these angled solar panels where installed on two separate flat roofs. Each roof had ballasted roof systems in place, so the roof mounted panels where the best type of panel to install on this occasion. 

Solar panels on these flat roofs in Edinburgh

Solar Panels For Flat Roof Installation Glasgow

Pictured below are some flat roof solar panels installed in Glasgow Southside last year. Unfortunately, the picture taken by one of our installers from his phone is not best and doest not reflect what was a smooth installation, liaising with the customer until planning permission was grant and installing the panels swiftly once it was granted. We future proofed this installation, whilst making sure the array was at the best angle, still the centre placing in a position where the can easily upgrade more panels around it.

Regardless what stage you’re at with your flat roof solar panel project we are happy to help and answer any questions you are likely to have.

Solar panels installed on this flat roof in the Southside of Glasgow

Flat Roof Solar Panels Quote

Flat roof solar panels are available for supply and installation across Scotland, Home Renewables Scotland is here to help you with the full process.

We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money for decades with innovative solar energy solutions. 

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