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Solar Panels For New Builds Scotland

Solar panels for new builds are extremely popular in Scotland, with a massive rise in the amount of them being installed on new homes that have been built since 2021. 

The huge hikes in energy bills have caused a rise in demand from perspective homeowners, landlords and property developers. Even before the large increase in energy bills there was a focus on the eco benefits that solar panels provide. Solar energy is 100% renewable and clean, it generates electricity from light from the sun, which is converted by your solar panels and can be stored using battery storage.

We have various types of solar panels that are optimal for new build homes, mainly roof integrated solar panels

Are Solar Panels Compulsory On New Builds in Scotland?

No, solar panels are not compulsory in new builds, however, all new build homes are required to meet a certain Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating which fall into certain bands. EPC bands range from A to G with band D being the average in Scotland. 

Although solar panels are not compulsory for new builds they are an extremely effective way to meet or exceed the EPC rating criteria, with the likes of only 4 panels helping you achieve this. Other energy efficient products such as having new windows and doors, other renewablesloft insulation and efficient central heating also improve your homes EPC rating.

Best Solar Panels For New Build Homes

New build homes require a combination of the most up to date, efficient and stylish solar panels for both optimal performance and to ensure the panels are the best technology available today.

We have a wide range of options including solar thermal panels, traditional roof mounted panels and stylish integrated “in roof” solar panels.

On rare occasions, we have also installed solar battery storage systems and solar panels, the solar batteries are generally fitted inside the property.  

Solar Panels For New Build Flats

New build flats often miss a fantastic opportunity to have solar panels installed. In 2023 you can install solar panels on flat roofs using things such as flat roof mounted solar panel kits. 

Some new build flats have pitched roofs, for these we can install traditional roof mounted or integrated panels.

Integrated Solar Panels On New Builds

Roof integrated or “in roof” solar panels are perfect for installing on new build homes. 

Some of these advantages are listed below:

Integrated solar panels installed on new builds are easier to maintain and don’t. It also makes it easier and cheaper to maintain and clean your roof, with traditional panels you need to find a company that will remove and re-attach your panels each time you do this!

All modern solar panels can enhance or at least not ruin your new builds design. As you can see from some of the images on this page, integrated solar panels are the most slick stylish design, providing that futuristic look you likely sought for your new build home.

Modern integrated solar panels have self cleaning features. By design in roof panels prevent build up of bird droppings, debris and other natural materials. Even self cleaning panels require a wash, they are self cleaning to a point, however, it is wise to have them properly cleaned every now and then too.

Solar panels for new build flats in Scotland
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Solar panels for new builds are available for supply and installation across Scotland, Home Renewables Scotland is here to help you with the full process. 

We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money for decades with innovative solar energy solutions. 

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