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Solar Panel Installers Aberdeen

Are you considering solar panel installation but feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options for both panels and installers in Aberdeen?

You’re not alone! Navigating through the abundance of technical information and conflicting advice online can be daunting.

Often solar panel installers who cover Scotland are actually based in England, resulting in higher prices and poor aftercare. Many of our clients tell us they have had quotes from roofers, sales companies and home improvements firms who don’t specialise in solar and renewables. 

Homeowners opt to hire one of our partner MCS approved solar installers because they are solar specialists, possessing extensive knowledge of the top solar panels and PV systems available. All the solar installers we collaborate with have undergone thorough vetting, hold essential accreditations, manage their own installations, and boast customer review ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5 on platforms like TrustPilot, Google, and The Energy Savings Trust.

Another legitimate concern clients express is the possibility of installers going out of business, a common occurrence during past solar booms. Rest assured, through Home Renewables Scotland, you exclusively interact with the premier solar companies in Scotland.

Home Renewables Scotland’s partner installers are poised and enthusiastic to aid you in your quest. They will assist in evaluating your home’s unique requirements and accompany you through the entire process, from the initial consultation and system design to the final installation. Their skilled teams are fully insured, offering an insurance-backed guarantee on all solar panel installation projects, providing you with complete peace of mind.

You can depend on their expertise to ensure your solar panel installation is a triumph, generating more off-the-grid power and reducing your energy bills.

The range of installation options include domestic solar panels, ground mounted panels, in roof panels and thermal solar panels that integrate with home EV charge points, solar inverters and air source heat pumps.

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2024 Solar Offers

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Solar Panel Installation Aberdeen

Displayed below are installations spanning various regions of the country.

Over 800 Solar Panel Installations Last Year!

20 solar panel PV system, inverter with a battery installed in Aberdeenshire

28 solar panel PV system, inverter and battery installed in St Andrews, Fife

14 solar panel PV system with battery storage installed in Haddington, East Lothian

16 solar panel PV system with inverter and battery storage installed in Edinburgh

14 solar panel PV system installation with battery storage in Perth, Scotland

10 solar panels installation in Bannockburn, Scotland


Solar Panel Benefits in 2024

Solar panels and renewable energy sources hold significant importance in the future and represent a wise investment for homeowners in 2024. This moment presents an opportune time to have them installed, offering numerous benefits such as:

By installing a 4kW system, you can save hundreds of pounds each year on increasing electricity bills.

Being less reliant on the grid means you’re more resistant to future price hikes.

You can also sell any surplus energy back to the grid at the current rate.

Transitioning to renewable energy helps protect the environment and lessens dependence on conventional fossil fuels like gas.

Over time, the savings in energy costs from your solar panel system allow it to pay for itself.

Solar PV systems offer several advantages for homeowners
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar PV Systems Aberdeen

Solar PV, short for solar photovoltaic, refers to the conversion of light into electricity. In Aberdeen, Solar PV systems typically fall into one of four primary classifications:

Monocrystalline solar PV systems are sought after for their reputed efficiency, often reaching rates of up to 20%, depending on factors like installation quality, climate, and other conditions. These panels are particularly suitable for situations where roof space is limited.

Polycrystalline solar PV systems are considered a legacy system in the solar industry. While they were once the top choice for new installations, they are still widely used globally.

These solar PV systems consist of thin panels made from materials with high levels of light absorption, making them ideal for solar panel systems despite their thinness.

Hybrid PV systems direct the generated power to your inverter for immediate use in your home. Any surplus energy is stored in a home battery storage system, ready for later use. This ensures your system operates at maximum efficiency, minimising waste.

We provide installation services for a variety of solar panels and PV systems.
Home Renewables Scotland

Best Solar Panels Aberdeen

Before delving into the cost of solar panel installation, let’s first examine the top panel options in Aberdeen:

Monocrystalline panels feature a single large silicon crystal rather than smaller chips, making them pricier initially but highly efficient. Opt for these if you’re aiming for maximum returns from your solar investment. Typically black, they may be available in various colours. These panels excel in compact spaces with high electricity demands.

Comprised of multiple small silicon crystals, polycrystalline panels represent the earliest generation of solar technology. While cost-effective, they are less advanced than hybrid or monocrystalline panels. Although less efficient than monocrystalline, they offer a budget-friendly option.

These panels typically appear blue and are larger than newer models, rendering them less suitable for small spaces.

Amorphous solar panel installation is gaining popularity due to its versatility. Layers of film are applied on top of each other by solar panel installers, with each layer reacting to specific light frequencies, functioning collectively like a solar panel.

These products offer advantages as they resemble a membrane rather than bulky panels and are flexible. The film can be applied over glass, steel, or any suitable substrate, allowing for various applications.

For instance, you could cover the entire roof without worrying about additional weight. Additionally, you could apply the film to a window or skylight if that’s the only available space.

However, these products are less efficient than their counterparts, necessitating a higher quantity. Yet, they are cost-effective, withstand high heat, and have a low profile.

Hybrid solar panels merge the finest qualities of organic and inorganic semiconductors, amplifying the cells’ light absorption capability. Consequently, they boast high efficiency, generating substantial electricity output, making them suitable for compact areas.

Despite being the priciest option, these panels are optimal for Aberdeens climate owing to their remarkable efficiency. However, given the novelty of this technology, one must be prepared to invest in reputable brands to avoid potential reliability issues.

During your initial consultation, we'll discuss the most suitable solar panels for your home.
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar Panels For Your Home in Aberdeen

Domestic solar panel installation in Aberdeen.

Currently, there’s significant demand in Aberdeen for standard solar panels for residential use, like the 16-panel 4kW PV system. Our affiliated solar installation teams cater to domestic solar panel installation needs throughout Scotland. Moreover, they offer supplementary services such as power upgrades with additional solar panels, setups including battery storage, and solar batteries to enhance existing systems.

In Roof Solar Panels Aberdeen

In roof solar panel installation in Aberdeen.

In roof solar panels these are also referred to as roof-integrated solar panels, offering a sleeker design. Typically, they’re installed during new roof installations, although retrofitting can be costly.

Solar Panels For New Builds Aberdeen

Solar panels for new builds in Aberdeen.

Solar panels on new builds especially integrated solar panels are gaining popularity as they assist properties in meeting their EPC requirements. They are suitable for various types of new build homes, especially modern designs, flats, commercial buildings, and other property developments.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Aberdeen

Ground mounted solar panel installation in Aberdeen.

Ground mounted solar panels are ideal for rural properties like farms, commercial grounds, or homes with large gardens.

Charge Your Electric Car With Solar Panels

Home EV charger connected to solar panels.

Charge your electric car at home by connecting your home EV charger directly to your solar panels and system. This setup allows you to power your electric vehicle using the energy generated by your solar panels, saving you money on electricity bills, especially considering the high demand for charging electric cars. For the best results, consider integrating your EV charger with a combined solar panels and battery system.

Solar Panels and Air Source Heat Pump Aberdeen

Grant Air Source Heat Pump.

Utilise your solar panel and battery system to power your home’s heating by linking them to an air-to-water air source heat pump central heating system. This setup supplies hot water to your radiators and water tank, providing efficient heating while reducing your reliance on traditional energy sources. Installing an air source heat pump will likely qualify you for a grant for both the heat pump and your solar panels.

Solar Panels and Battery Storage Aberdeen

Solar panels with battery storage or standalone solar battery installation to complement existing solar PV systems.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Aberdeen?

The debate about whether solar panels are worth investing in, especially in Aberdeen, often arises. While it’s true that solar panels may generate more power in sunnier regions like the Australian outback, they can still be a valuable investment in Aberdeen, providing energy and a return on investment.

To ensure you dispel the myth that solar panels are not worthwhile in Aberdeen, it’s crucial to engage with experienced installers who can optimise your investment. Factors such as the orientation of your roof, the size of the solar array, the efficiency of your inverter, battery system considerations, and other factors play pivotal roles in maximising solar panel performance.

Do Solar Panels Work In Winter in Aberdeen?

The short answer is yes, your solar panels will still work during the winter in Aberdeen.

While solar panels undoubtedly perform better when there’s abundant daylight and sunshine, they still generate energy even on overcast days as long as there’s daylight. It’s understandable that some people find this concept challenging to grasp, often due to the confusion between heat and light. Despite cold and rainy weather, the sun is still present in the sky, providing the necessary light for solar panels to produce energy.

Return on Investment On Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels for your home is a wise decision. While they may not always generate profits, they substantially reduce energy bills. Moreover, surplus energy can be sold under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, potentially turning a profit. To maximise benefits, ensure you’re on the best tariff with your energy provider, optimising the kWh output (kilowatt hour) back when you sell the extra energy produced. This tends to apply more to homes with various renewable products or bigger solar panel arrays with battery storage.  

Cost Of Installing Solar Panels in Aberdeen

The cost of installing solar panels in Aberdeen depends on several factors:

  • Type: Budget options may require more panels, while higher-quality ones cost more per panel.
  • Size of the PV system: Smaller systems suffice for backup purposes, while larger households may need more extensive setups.
  • Energy needs: Individual energy consumption varies; larger families require more energy.
  • Roof size: Limited roof space may necessitate more efficient, albeit pricier, panels.
  • Future plans: Consider future changes in household size and energy needs.

Solar Installation costs typically start at around £6,500 although smaller PV systems can start from as little as £4,000.

While it’s a significant investment, the long-term savings on electricity bills and immunity to future rate hikes make it worthwhile. Additionally, surplus energy can potentially generate extra income if your panels produce more electricity than you consume.

Solar Panel Grants Aberdeen

During 2024 there is only funding available in Aberdeen for people buying both solar panels AND other renewables such as high heat retention storage heaters or an air source heat pump.

You can also qualify for a grant for one of these products on their own, if you already have one of them installed.

All funding is available via Home Energy Scotland.

Grants are awarded up to £9,000 with additional interest free loans also available.

Solar Panels Aberdeen

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Are solar panels the right choice for your home? Discover the best options for installing solar panels in Aberdeen to address escalating energy costs while boosting your home’s sustainability with renewable energy. Reach out to Home Renewables Scotland today on 01224 007 388 for your free consultation for solar panels for your home. 

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