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Solar Panel Installers Falkirk

In the process of looking to install solar panels but feeling overwhelmed by the array of options in Falkirk? You’re not alone! With a flood of technical information online, navigating through the jargon can be daunting and confusing.

Often solar panel installers who cover Scotland are actually based in England, resulting in higher prices and poor aftercare. Many of our clients tell us they have had quotes from roofers, sales companies and home improvements firms who don’t specialise in solar and renewables. 

People opt for our partner MCS approved solar installers because they’re solar specialists, well versed in the best solar panels and PV systems for your needs. These installers undergo rigorous vetting, hold essential accreditations, manage their installations, and boast impressive customer review ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5 on platforms like TrustPilot, Google, and The Energy Savings Trust.

Concerns about installers going out of business are valid, especially considering past experiences during solar booms. With Home Renewables Scotland, you’re assured of dealing only with the best solar companies in Scotland.

Our partner installers are committed to assisting you throughout your journey, from the initial consultation to system design and final installation. They offer comprehensive insurance and back their work with a guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind.

Count on their expertise to ensure a successful solar panel installation, boosting your off-grid power generation and reducing energy bills.

The range of solar installation options include domestic solar panelsground mounted panels, in roof panels, home EV charge points, battery storage, solar inverters, and air source heat pumps.

You can also visit this page for more info on solar panels in Falkirk.

2024 Solar Offers

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Solar Panel Installation Falkirk

See pictured below of solar installs in and near Falkirk as well as across different parts of our country.

Over 800 Solar Panel Installations Last Year!


10 solar panels installed in Falkirk


16 solar panels installed in Stirling near Falkirk

10 solar panels installation in Bannockburn near Falkirk

16 solar panel PV system with inverter and battery storage installed in Edinburgh

14 solar panel PV system installation with battery storage in Perth, Scotland


Solar Panel Installation Benefits for 2024

Solar panels and renewable energy are poised to play a significant role in the future and represent a smart investment for your home in 2024. There’s never been a more opportune time to install them. Here are some key benefits you can anticipate:

By installing a 4kW system, you can save hundreds of pounds annually on increasing electricity costs.

By no longer relying on the grid, you become more immune to future price increases.

You also have the option to sell any surplus energy back to the grid at the current rate.

Transitioning to renewable energy aids environmental conservation efforts and reduces dependency on traditional fossil fuels like gas.

The energy cost savings from your solar panel system eventually offset its initial expense, essentially paying for itself over time.

As you can see, solar panels offer numerous benefits for you.
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar PV Systems Falkirk

Solar PV, short for solar photovoltaic, refers to the process of converting light into electricity. In Falkirk, solar PV systems generally fall into one of four main categories:

Monocrystalline solar PV systems are favoured for their high efficiency, reaching rates of up to 20% depending on installation quality, climate, and other factors. They are especially suitable for roofs with limited space.

Constructed from multiple small silicon crystals, these panels represent the initial generation of solar panel technology. Despite their cost effectiveness in manufacturing, they trail behind hybrid or monocrystalline panels in terms of technological advancement. While less efficient than monocrystalline panels, they serve as the most economical option.

Usually exhibiting a blue tint and larger dimensions compared to newer variants, they may be less suited for smaller spaces.

These solar PV systems utilise thin panels crafted from materials with high light absorption, making them well suited for solar panel systems despite their slender profile.

Hybrid PV systems direct the generated power to your inverter for immediate use as electricity in your home. Any surplus energy is then stored in a home battery storage system, ready for later utilisation. This ensures optimal system efficiency while minimising wastage.

We offer installation services for various types of solar panels and PV systems.
Home Renewables Scotland

Best Solar Panels Falkirk

Before diving into the costs associated with solar panel installation, let’s first explore the most suitable panel options in Falkirk.

Monocrystalline panels are crafted from a single, large silicon crystal rather than smaller chips. Although they may entail a higher initial cost, they offer exceptional efficiency, making them an ideal choice for maximising the return on your solar panel investment.

Typically black in colour, these panels are also available in various shades. They excel in situations where space is limited but substantial electricity output is required.

Polycrystalline solar panels, composed of multiple small silicon crystals, represent the initial generation of solar panel technology. While cost effective to manufacture, they are less advanced compared to hybrid or monocrystalline panels. Although less efficient than monocrystalline panels, they serve as the most economical option.

Usually exhibiting a blue tint and larger dimensions compared to newer variants, they may be less suited for smaller spaces.

Amorphous solar panel installation is gaining traction due to its versatility. These panels consist of multiple layers of film stacked atop each other, each responsive to specific light frequencies, collectively functioning as a solar panel.

The advantage lies in their membrane like structure, offering flexibility unlike traditional bulky panels. They can be applied to various substrates such as glass, steel, or other suitable materials, enabling diverse applications.

For instance, you could cover an entire roof without worrying about added weight. Alternatively, you could potentially apply the film to a window or skylight if it’s the only available space.

However, these products are less efficient than their counterparts, requiring more panels for adequate energy production. Nonetheless, they are cost effective, heat resistant, and have a low profile.

Hybrid solar panels harness the strengths of both organic and inorganic semiconductors, enhancing light absorption capacity. This amalgamation results in heightened efficiency, substantial electricity generation, and suitability for compact spaces.

Despite being the priciest option, hybrid panels stand out as the optimal selection for the Falkirk climate, courtesy of their superior efficiency. However, given the novelty of this technology, opting for established brands may entail premium prices, while lesser known models might pose reliability risks.

During your initial consultation, we'll discuss the most suitable solar panels for your home.
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar Panels For Your Falkirk Home

Domestic solar panel installation in Falkirk.

The highest demand in Falkirk currently revolves around standard solar panels for your home like a 16 panel 4kW PV system. Our partner team of solar installers provides domestic solar panel installations across Scotland. Additionally, they offer additional solar panels for power upgrades, solar panels with battery storage, and solar batteries to complement existing systems.

In Roof Solar Panels Falkirk

In roof solar panel installation in Falkirk.

In roof solar panels also called roof integrated solar panels, also known as solar roof tiles, offer a much sleeker design. However, these panels are typically only available when installing a new roof. Otherwise, the installation costs can be quite high.

Solar Panels For New Builds Falkirk

Solar panels for new builds in Falkirk.

Solar panels on new builds have become very popular as properties strive to meet their EPC requirements, integrated solar panels have gained popularity. These panels are particularly suitable for new build homes, modern flats, commercial buildings, and other property developments.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Falkirk

Ground mounted solar panel installation in Falkirk.

Ground mounted solar panels are well-suited for rural properties like farms, commercial grounds, or homes with spacious gardens.

Charge Your Electric Car With Solar Panels

Home EV charger connected to solar panels

Power up your electric vehicle by linking your home EV charger to your solar panels and system. This setup enables you to directly power your electric vehicle using the energy generated by your home’s solar panels. By doing so, you can reduce your electricity bills, particularly since charging an electric car can be quite costly. For optimal efficiency, consider linking your EV charger to a combined solar panels and battery system.

Solar Panels and Air Source Heat Pump Falkirk

Grant Air Source Heat Pump

Harness the power of your solar panels and battery to heat your home by connecting them to an air-to-water air source heat pump system, if you’re considering installing an air source heat pump, you’ll almost certainly be eligible for a grant for both the heat pump and your solar panels.

Solar Panels and Battery Falkirk

Solar panels with battery storage or standalone solar battery installation to complement existing solar PV systems.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Falkirk?

Many people ask and search online whether solar panels are worth buying if you live in Falkirk.

While your panels may perform better in the Australian outback, they can still generate energy and provide a return on your investment in Falkirk. The belief that solar panels are not worth it in Falkirk is a common misconception. It’s important to work with experienced installers to ensure you maximise your investment. Factors such as the location of installation, orientation of the panels, size of the array, choice of inverter, battery system, and other considerations all play a crucial role in optimising the performance of your solar system.

Do Solar Panels Work In Winter in Falkirk?

Yes, your solar panels will still work during the winter in Falkirk.

Of course solar panels perform better when there’s ample daylight and sunshine. However, they still generate energy even on overcast days as long as there’s daylight. The confusion often arises from equating heat with light. It can be challenging to imagine the sun shining in the sky during cold and rainy weather!

Solar Panel Returns in Falkirk

Solar panels are a worthwhile investment for your home. With the current cost of energy bills in the UK, they typically lead to reductions rather than profits. However, through schemes like the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), you may earn money if you generate surplus energy that’s exported back to the grid.

Ensuring you’re on the optimal tariff with your energy provider is crucial to maximise returns when selling surplus energy. This is especially relevant for households with multiple renewable products or larger solar panel arrays equipped with battery storage.

Cost Of Installing Solar Panels in Falkirk

The cost of installing solar panels in Falkirk hinges on several factors:

  • Type of panels chosen: Opting for a budget-friendly route may require more panels, whereas investing more upfront typically means paying more per panel.

  • Size of the PV system: For backup purposes, a smaller, less costly PV system, inverter, and batteries suffice. Conversely, larger households may require a more extensive setup.

  • Energy generation needs: Individual energy consumption differs; smaller households necessitate less extensive systems compared to larger families.

  • Roof size: Limited roof space may limit options, prompting a balance between efficiency and cost.

  • Future plans: Considering the panels’ lifespan of around 25 years, anticipate future changes in household size and energy requirements. Investing in a more powerful system initially may prove beneficial in the long run.

Solar panel installation costs in Falkirk typically start from around £6,500. Despite the initial investment, substantial savings on electricity bills are achievable for many years. Moreover, with proper setup, immunity to future rate increases is attainable. Additionally, surplus electricity generation could potentially transform your system into a source of extra income.

Solar Panel Grants Falkirk

During 2024 there is only funding available in Falkirk for people buying both solar panels AND other renewables such as high heat retention storage heaters or an air source heat pump.

You can also qualify for a grant for one of these products on their own, if you already have one of them installed.

All funding is available via Home Energy Scotland.

Grants are awarded up to £9,000.

Solar Panel Installer Falkirk

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