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Solar Inverter Repair and Replacement
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Solar Inverter Repair and Replacement

It is easy to take a solar inverter for granted when it is operating as it should, however, solar PV systems break down occasionally and faulty inverters are the leading cause.

Do you have a reliable solar company to keep your panels and system working to their full capacity? Home Renewables Scotland offers practical and long-lasting solutions for homeowners across Scotland. Our main office is in Edinburgh, with a presence in Aberdeen and Glasgow we can comfertably repair and install new inverters across the nation.

Scotland’s leading solar inverter repair and replacement service from Home Renewables Scotland — call 0131 381 8533 today to learn more.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Inverter

Routine maintenance can mean that a solar inverter lasts between 10 and 25 years in most places in Scotland. When our team repairs solar panels or inverter, we do our best to avoid unnecessary replacements. However, there are certain scenarios that may call for a complete solar inverter replacement, including:

  • Error codes in the solar panel inverter display
  • A lack of power or less than it originally produced
  • Inefficient output
  • Complete breakdown

Fortunately, the Home Renewables Scotland team offers professional solar inverter replacement services to cover all solar inverter components. Why not call one of our highly qualified engineers to your home to analyse the system? We can recommend a suitable replacement that will satisfy your energy needs and last for many years to come.


Solar Inverter Repairs

Besides installing a highly efficient solar system, our qualified service providers promise reliable solar panel inverter repair service in Edinburgh that won’t break the bank. Our experience and knowledge of the latest tools assure our customers of prompt, practical solutions, no matter the make or model of your unit.

The Home Renewables Scotland engineers can advise you on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Decreased solar energy production
  • Solar inverter shutdown
  • Battery failure
  • Damaged solar panels
  • Sudden increases in utility bills
  • Battery corrosion or leakage
  • System component upgrades and more

Don’t wait; get in touch with us today for quick resolutions on inverter repair work or a quote on a complete replacement where necessary.

Types of Solar Inverter We Repair

Are you aware that the solar PV inverter handles more operational responsibilities than any other PV system component? When the solar PV system comes in contact with sunlight, the electrons in the cell start moving, which creates DC energy. However, most homes and offices run on AC energy and require an inverter to make this DC energy accessible before it is of use to you.

The solar inverter converts DC energy into AC energy, supplying the home or business location with energy to power its appliances and other features. Within this framework, there are many different types of solar inverters available, and our competent engineers have expertise and experience in every brand.

Contact Home Renewables Scotland for reliable solar inverter repair services on the following common types of solar inverters and everything in between:

String Inverters

String inverters are common in domestic and small-scale commercial setups. They present a suitable option if a location does not provide a shaded roof. We repair string converters with single or three-phase grid connections, depending on the incoming supply.


Microinverters convert DC to AC energy without a separate central inverter. This feature cancels the effect of complete or partial shade, which means you can install them next to solar panels using a mounting system. You can also integrate the two components effectively.

Power Optimisers

Our team also installs power optimisers, which is a component at each solar panel to condition the DC energy before sending it to a string converter. This option also reduces the impact of shade on the solar panels long term.

Best Solar Inverter Edinburgh

Technology continues to punt exciting developments within the solar industry, but is there a particular make or model of solar inverter that is the most efficient on the market? This is a great question to ask if you are investing in or upgrading your solar system, as the right solar inverter is as essential as choosing the right panels.

Our experts typically look at the inverter’s potential power output and conversion efficiency. For example, the setup and functionality of power optimisers make these features one of the most efficient solar inverter options currently available. It may change as technology expands, but the efficiency these power optimisers currently offer will take your simple string inverter’s capabilities to an entirely new level.

Do you want to optimise your solar system without straining your budget? Power optimisers are the best option for you. Home Renewables Scotland’s renewable energy installers highly recommend these inline power optimisers for better efficiency year-round.

When To Consider A New Solar Inverter

If you are thinking of installing a solar energy system, the cost is one of the biggest considerations for most homes and businesses in Edinburgh. However, the price of a new solar panel inverter will vary considerably depending on the type and model you have in mind. The cost comes down to three primary factors; namely:

  • Type of solar panels
  • Inverter conversion efficiency
  • Potential power output

Are you looking to invest in a new solar inverter? The Home Renewables Scotland professionals can help you make the best choice for your location and energy needs. We have accredited installers familiar with all popular solar inverter brands to ensure you select a solar PV system that’s efficient and in line with your expectations.

Why HRS For Solar Inverter Repair or Replacement

At Home Renewables Scotland, our top-notch solar and renewable energy installers are reliable and highly skilled. They offer inverter repair and replacement services across the country, thanks to a team of experienced and highly trained surveyors and engineers.

Why work with us? The benefits we offer to Scottish residents and business owners include:

  • Expert installers
  • Vital regional and international accreditations
  • Insurance backed guaranteess
  • Excellent customer service
  • Prompt repair and replacement services
  • Affordable finance options and more

Solar Inverter Replacement Edinburgh

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Solar Inverter Installers in Edinburgh

Want to get the most from your solar panels and PV system? Take action to combat rising energy and electricity bills whilst increasing your homes sustainable renewable energy.

Contact Home Renewables Scotland today at on 0131 381 8533 for your free consultation for solar panels for your home or business. With an office in Edinburgh and presence in Glasgow and Aberdeen our team can help regardless where you are based in Scotland.

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