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Solar Heating Systems Scotland

Solar heating is an affordable and reliable way to heat your home. This renewable energy resource helps you save money on energy bills. Solar heating systems can also lower your carbon footprint by reducing fossil fuels used for traditional heating.

If you own your home, solar heating is an investment that will pay off for many years to come. Installing a solar water heater, solar heat pump, and / or thermal solar panels will bring your property up to date with the latest technology available today.

Home Renewables Scotland offers solar water heaters and heat pump installation to homes and businesses across the country. Our hot water systems are simple to use and above all, they are efficient, delivering massive energy and cost savings to our customers.

We offer free quotes for all our solar heating services. So, contact us today to find out more.

Our Solar Water Heaters

We provide supply and installation of solar water heaters, particularly ETC systems.

The evacuated tube collector (ETC), also known as the parabolic trough collector, uses the shape of a parabola to focus sunlight onto a hot water cylinder at the focal point. The sun heats the water, which travels through tubes inside the collector and converts into electricity. This process allows for an efficient conversion of sunlight into electricity without moving parts.

Evacuated tube collectors work on all roof levels (including flat roofs). You can install it without any special equipment or tools. It also requires less maintenance than other solar panels as it requires no special cleaning or maintenance.

Heating from solar energy offers a host of benefits to residents in Scotland. Some of these benefits include:

Benefits of Solar Heating

Once you invest in a solar heating system, you reap from your investment immediately through free sunlight energy. As a result, you’ll see a 50% reduction in electricity and water heater use, reducing your utility bills by as much as 80%.

Using solar heating to heat water and other domestic uses is an energy-efficient exercise. These systems convert sunlight into energy you can use directly in the home. They completely eliminate the need for fossil fuel or forced-air systems.

Solar energy is sustainable because it uses a renewable energy source–sunlight. This resource reduces our customers’ dependence on fossil fuels. They can rest assured their carbon footprint shrinks significantly.

The average property in Scotland requires only one to five solar heater panels on the roof or another area of the property. Therefore, these systems take up less space in the home compared to gas boilers or electric water heaters.

solar thermal heating is one of the most affordable renewable energy options available, making it a solid choice for those on a budget or who want a faster return on investment.

Thermal solar panels and water heater integration
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Solar Heating Systems in Scotland

Solar energy is far more efficient and cost effective method for heating your home. To find out more about the latest technology available in 2022, contact Home Renewables Scotland today at on 0131 381 8533 to arrange a free consultation. With an office in Edinburgh and presence in Glasgow and Aberdeen our team can help regardless where you are based in Scotland.

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