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What is a Solar Heat Pump

You might have heard solar heat pumps mentioned here and there, perhaps by an ad or a company salesman. If you are unsure of what a solar heat pump is, you have come to the right place.

A solar heat pump is an energy-efficient mechanical unit that combines the workings of thermal solar panels and heat pump into one system.

For the solar panels and heat pump to become an operational unit, they require professional assembly. Home Renewables Scotland help you find the most suitable and efficient solution for your home.

How does a Solar Heat Pump work?

Your knowledge of the workings of a solar heat pump is essential to us here at Home Renewables Scotland. Knowing how a solar pump works helps minimise the risks of accidents within your area of residence.

The entire system is broadly categorised as a solar panel working with a heat pump. We have all the necessary collectors, refrigerants, compressors, hot water storage, piping, fixtures, and cold water supply.

The collectors are the solar panel tubes that collect thermal energy from the sun. They hold the energy as heat to be absorbed by the refrigerant within. The refrigerant that evaporates expels the heat throughout the system.

The gaseous state of the refrigerant helps it move efficiently to the compressor. On reaching the compressor, the refrigerant is pressurised to concentrate its heat. The compressed refrigerant then passes through a series of pipes in the storage tank to transfer the heat to the water.

The above explanation is just a summary of how our systems at Home Renewables Scotland work. Look no further to get the real deal in procurement, consultation, and installation.

If your solar heat pump experiences some issues, contact our professionals at Home Renewables Scotland to avoid adding to the damage.

Solar Water Heaters Scotland

Benefits of Solar Heat Pumps

When you work with Home Renewables Scotland, cold showers are a thing of the past. Our distinct solar thermal heat pumps offer you value for your money while delivering superior performance over traditional solar heating systems.

Using our solar heat pumps will protect you from rising energy costs. The prices of energy sources such as petroleum and natural gas are always high and unstable. On the other hand, the heat from the sun has always been free, so why pay more for energy when you can use it as nature intended?

Solar heat pumps also have tremendous environmental advantages in a world where calamities are rising due to ecological changes, making it necessary to find ways to conserve the environment. Our solar heat pumps provide emission-free energy, thus reducing carbon footprints that destroy our atmosphere.

The solar heat pumps at Home Renewables Scotland are efficient to the level that they still provide heat even in the winter. All of the components we use to make our solar heat pumps are standardised and approved by the regulators and will not freeze. Our installation team is top-notch, and even the winter breeze can attest to that.

Last but not least, several local and international organisations provide incentives for solar heat pumps. The financial benefits encourage residents to embrace renewable energy sources at almost zero cost. We also offer discounts and free educational resources at Home Renewables Scotland as our aim is not only to make profits but also to contribute to saving the planet.

Solar Heat Pumps and Water Heaters Scotland

Scotland doesn’t have many companies who install heat pumps and even less solar heat pump installers. It’s a very niche market and our installers are efficient and competent based on the thousands we have installed on homes across the country.

Sales companies occasionally come knocking at your door with forms to fill in and quotations to get you to use these products without any credible knowledge or capability of offering after sales care.

After your free home survey with Home Renewables Scotland it will quickly become apparent that we are experts in home renewable products. Our company does not sell anything other than renewable energy products such as solar heat pumps and solar water heaters. 

Home Renewables Scotland is a reliable installer of ECO efficient solar heat pumps throughout Scotland. Our team ensure that our renewable heating solutions are environmentally friendly and suitable to your homes needs. 

Solar Heat Pumps Installers Scotland

As stated above, there are not many qualified solar heat pump installers in Scotland.

The solar heat pumps we install have a high efficiency yield. Our solar heat pumps will serve you in the summer and winter by providing hot water and room heating possibilities. They are available in various sizes and costs.

This year in Scotland, solar assisted heat pumps are gaining increasing popularity mainly due to a rise in energy making it expensive to produce hot water in your home. Other products gaining popularity are things like solar panels which you will begin to see on more and more roofs of residential houses and commercial buildings.

Compared to a decade ago, the awareness of renewable energy products and their environmental and economical benefits is far greater. And let’s face it, no nation likes saving money and producing it’s own energy quite like Scotland!

However, this breakthrough also comes with its fair share of issues resulting from cheap solar heat pump equipment and poor installation.

At Home Renewables Scotland, our companies culture demands that we put quality installation and our customers needs first. Our modern solar technology, expert engineers and electricians will install a solar heat pump that will heat your water more efficiently.

Solar Heat Pump Cost

Our initial costs might be high depending on the size of the area to be covered by your heating system and the type of heat pump installed. Ground source solar heat pumps are the most expensive as they may require drilling into the soil. However, this should not discourage you, as the payoffs you will get cannot be quantified. 

Air source heat pumps are more common and less costly.  If you want to see the amount of energy and money you can save with our solar heat pumps, we are ready to give you a breakdown during your free home survey.

Solar Heat Pump Scotland

Solar Water Heater Pump

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