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Roof Integrated Solar Panels

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Roof integrated solar panels

In Roof Solar Panels

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Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Are you one of Scotland’s many homeowners who want to generate their electricity with solar technology? If so, in roof solar panels from Home Renewables Scotland could be your ideal solution for generating renewable clean energy.

These solar panels are much like traditional ones, but with one major difference, they integrate as part of your roof with the tiles fitted around them. You can install them on an existing roof, however, it is far more practical and cost effective to install them on new roofs.

Integrated solar panels are also perfect for new build homes in Scotland.

The reason for this is that we will need to tile around the panels, so to do this on your existing roof means to incur labour costs. Your home will look just like it did before the installation, except now it’s generating clean electricity for you.

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In Roof Solar Panels

In roof solar panels is just another name used to describe integrated solar panels.

A modern type of in roof solar panel is solar shingles which are not commonly used in Scotland. You are more likely to see solar shingles in the United States or Australia for example. Some of the solar shingles resemble roof tiles or slates for greater aesthetic appeal.

When comparing in-roof solar panels and to a traditional installation, it’s essential to note that the former is more expensive than the latter due to the additional labour and installation costs. Over time, you can offset these costs with lower maintenance fees and reduced electricity bills associated with in-roof solar panels (which generally last longer).

Roof Solar Panels Scotland

People sometimes refer to in roof or roof integrated solar panels as simply roof solar panels. Yet another term to confuse matters even more is rooftop solar panels, however this is more American style language. On more than 95% of installations, it is more common for panels to be mounted on your roof using brackets.

Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof

Installing solar panels ON your roof is the common practise for most standard installations. Roof mounted panels attach to brackets with different versions available depending on what type of roof you have.

You can mount solar panels on almost any type of roof including garage roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs and pitched roofs to name a few.

As a matter of fact we install solar panels on new build homes, garage roofs, garden rooms, man caves and sheds, flat roofs, home extensions, camper vans and caravans as well as standard solar panels for your home.

Benefits Of Roof Integrated Solar Panels

In roof solar panels provide many benefits to Scottish homeowners and businesses.

Some of these advantages include:

Durability is a vital part of in roof solar panel installations. With traditional solar roof systems, bird droppings can cause much damage. With solar panels being a part of the roof panelling, you don’t have to worry about this risk.

The fact that in roof panels are a part of your existing roof means there’s no need for additional installation costs or materials. Therefore, they are incredibly easy to install and maintain. They mean less time and money spent on maintenance in the long run.

When installing integrated solar panels, you will have a safer roof. Insurance companies are more likely to cover installation because solar PV panels are less prone to falling off the roof. This latter situation can occur if you install traditional panels.

In roof solar panels are also less likely to cause accidents during the installation of the solar panels. They require minimal extra space covered in materials or on an existing roof.

In roof solar panels
Home Renewables Scotland

Solar Panels For New Builds Scotland

In roof / integrated solar panels are ideal for new build homes and new roof installations. New homeowners, construction companies and property developers are more attracted to the stylish design of these panels and lower maintenance requirements. Many customers contact us looking for independent quotes, often they are given package prices that have the solar panels and battery storage built in, so they are rightfully carrying out some due diligence to ensure they are getting the best value for money.

Roof Solar Panels Quote

In roof / roof integrated solar panels are available for supply and installation across Scotland. Home Renewables Scotland is here to help you with the full supply and installation. 

We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and save money for decades with innovative solar energy solutions. 

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