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Storage Heaters Scotland

Are you considering replacing your outdated electric storage heaters? Whether you’ve just moved into a new property with an old electric heating system or you’re just looking to upgrade, Home Renewables Scotland is here to assist you.

As a prominent installer of modern electric heating systems in Scotland, we cater to various needs, whether it’s installing electric boilers, single room heaters, or replacing your full electric central heating system for an entire property. Our extensive range of products, coupled with insurance-backed guarantees, skilled installers, and excellent customer service, makes us the ideal choice for upgrading your old electric heating with the latest and most efficient equipment.


Approved Storage Heater Installers Scotland

Our storage heater installers are NICEIC and NAPIT approved electricians and heating engineers. We employ local installers in and near Edinburgh as well as other parts of the country, providing electric heating supply and installation across Scotland.

We employ and subcontract over a dozen electric storage heater installers the majority of which have worked with us for over a decade. 

High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

High heat retention storage heaters are the latest technology in regards to electric storage heaters. Their modern technology allows the storage heaters to heat quicker, being more efficient whilst turned on, but equally important they cool down faster when turned off which actually caused more issues and energy waste than you might assume with older models.

High heat retention storage heaters are more efficient that older storage heaters, as literally 100% of the electricity the store and use is converted into to heat whenever you decide to turn on your heating manually or when it comes on using your set timer.

Upgrading to high heat retention storage heaters will improve your homes energy performance certificate (EPC) rating and you will noticed a reduction in your heating bills vs older storage heating.

Upgrade Your Storage Heaters

There are many reasons to upgrade your storage heaters, and one of the most common is that they don’t heat the surrounding space as well as they should. Electric storage heaters should always distribute the warmth throughout a large area, not just one or two spots. If your storage heating system isn’t doing its job, it may be time for an upgrade. Listed below are some important things to remember as you start to consider your options.

Storage Heaters with Solar Panels and Battery Storage

Powering your electric storage heaters with the energy generated from your solar panels and stored in your battery storage system is a fantastic way to heat your home for less.

We also advise that you leave the temperature dial at its lowest setting on your storage heaters unless you want to crank up the heat for a short period of time. Ideally, if you always have your dial set to the lowest heat even when you are sleeping, it will then heat quicker when you need a quick blast of heat for an hour and use less energy overall.


When To Replace Your Storage Heaters?

Maintaining and operating traditional storage heating systems can be costly. They demand frequent servicing and are prone to inefficiency, leading to high expenses.

If you’re seeking a reliable and economical alternative, contemplate replacing your storage heaters with a contemporary electric system. Here are indicators that it might be time for an upgrade:

Old nighttime storage heaters can leave you chilly and uncomfortable. In older or multi-story properties, heat tends to escape rapidly, making it hard to sustain a pleasant temperature. If you constantly find yourself adjusting the thermostat or piling on extra layers, it’s time to reach out to our specialists for help.

Outdated storage heaters typically offer limited features and settings, making it difficult to personalise your heating preferences. Some may even necessitate manual intervention, like adding water to the tank or igniting the pilot light. If you desire a more user-friendly system, our assistance can make a significant difference.

As experts in storage heater installation, we understand the challenges of finding suitable space for these bulky units. Even contemporary storage heaters occupy significant room and can be hard to relocate and position. If you’re having trouble finding an electric heating solution that fits your property, rely on Home Renewables Scotland for assistance.

German Engineered Electric Radiators

Why Upgrade To Modern Electric Radiators?

Increasingly is the case these days, households and businesses in Scotland are transitioning to modern electric radiators, and the reasons are evident. Let’s explore the advantages of opting for this kind of storage heater replacement:

Electric Heaters With Smart Meters & Controls

A compelling motive for upgrading from storage heaters lies in the flexibility to tailor your heating experience. Equipped with individual thermostats and diverse settings, you can effortlessly discover the ideal blend of coziness and convenience. Moreover, you have the option to set your system on a schedule that suits your lifestyle. This feature proves invaluable if you spend your days away from home or maintain irregular working hours.

The majority of properties in the UK using storage heater systems are on Economy 7 tariffs, offering cheaper electricity during the night. However, these systems often suffer from inefficiency. Relying on flue connections and heat retention, they tend to lose a substantial amount of heat.

In contrast, modern electric radiators operate at nearly 100% efficiency, converting all the generated heat into warmth for your indoor spaces. If you’re considering your options and seeking the most cost-effective solution, we’re here to assist. We understand your reservations about transitioning to a standard electricity tariff, but there are numerous cases where it proves to be a more financially sensible choice.

Electric heating offers a significant safety advantage over overnight storage heaters. There’s no threat of fires or explosions, eliminating concerns about toxic fumes or carbon monoxide poisoning from natural gas. Additionally, electric radiators remain considerably cooler to the touch, ensuring there’s no risk of burns.

German electric radiators offer immediate warmth, in stark contrast to storage heaters that can take hours to heat up. They swiftly and effectively convert energy into heat rather than gradually releasing it over an extended period.

This feature proves invaluable in regions with unpredictable weather or for those who prefer on-demand heating for their property. Additionally, electric radiators ensure a more consistent distribution of heat throughout the day, eliminating the need for long hours spent bundled up under blankets!

Electric radiators present a notable advantage over storage heaters due to their flexibility in installation. Storage heaters are typically unwieldy and hard to relocate, posing challenges in finding appropriate placements.

Modern electric systems offer diverse installation possibilities. Wall-mounted radiators, for instance, are favored for their space-saving design, allowing installation at varying heights. Furthermore, they can be seamlessly integrated with existing water heating systems.

If you’re uncertain about the ideal radiator choice for your property, our team can provide expert guidance and recommendations.

It’s evident that storage heating systems are unsightly. Even modern units are frequently bulky, unappealing, and can make your property appear outdated.

In contrast, electric radiators offer a variety of styles catering to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer a sleek stainless steel finish for a contemporary aesthetic or a more conventional design, we can assist you in discovering the ideal solution.

Best Replacement For Night Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are popular for home heating in many countries and extremely common in Scotland due to installations taking place in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s after their invention as a cheap heating option in the early 1960’s. They provide a steady source of heat when the central heating system is turned off and can be useful in cold climates. However, traditional storage heaters have several drawbacks that make them less practical for modern life. They are large and heavy, making them an eyesore and difficult to install.

They are also noisy and have a relatively short lifespan. Fortunately, several different options are available to you that provide you with all the benefits of a storage heater without the drawbacks. For example, modern electric panel heaters are much smaller and lighter than their conventional counterparts, produce heat far quicker and are easier to control.

You can install these panel heaters and modern electric radiators almost anywhere, and they are silent. Another excellent way to increase efficiency is by investing in modern high-heat retention storage heaters. 

Infrared panel heaters are quite similar to electric panel heaters but use special infrared technology to heat the room, however, we don’t install these as they seem to have more breakdown issues.

German Electric Radiators Scotland

At Home Renewables Scotland, we partner with top-tier brands in the market to ensure exceptional quality and performance. Ensuring our clients’ satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are committed to selecting and installing the ideal radiator for your property.

By selecting us as your electric heating system installer, you can anticipate the most enduring, effective, and secure choices available. All the electric radiators we install are meticulously engineered in Germany and designed to endure for decades.

Our team of electric heating installers will assess your existing radiators and recommend the ideal replacements tailored to your budget and property size.

Replace Your Old Storage Heaters

Swap Your Old Storage Heating For Modern Electric Radiators

Electric Storage Heater Installers Scotland

We specialise in installing modern electric storage heaters and night storage heating systems. While replacing storage heaters with contemporary radiators is a common choice to transition away from the restrictive and often costly economy 7 tariff, it’s not always the most suitable option. The decision depends on your lifestyle; for instance, many retired individuals are accustomed to peak and off-peak times or have schedules that align with these timings.

This consideration isn’t limited to specific age groups; we ensure to discuss these essential factors during your complimentary home survey. This approach helps us determine the most appropriate electric heating solution for your unique needs.

Our dedicated storage heater installers aim to simplify your transition to modern heating. When you reach out to us for assistance in installing new storage heaters or replacing existing ones, here’s what you can expect:

Free Advice: We provide free, no-obligation consultations to evaluate your property and understand your requirements. We take the time to grasp your budget, lifestyle, and preferences, enabling us to recommend the most suitable solution for you.

Easy Installation: Our team of certified professionals will install your new system swiftly and efficiently. We also handle the disposal of your old storage heaters, relieving you of any concerns about it.

Aftercare: Once your new system is operational, we remain available to address any questions or concerns you might have. Your satisfaction and comfort are our priorities.

Storage Heater Replacement Cost

The cost to replace your storage heaters is almost impossible to say, there are many factors to take into consideration. Your final quote will include the cost for removal and recycling of your old storage heaters, labour costs to supply and fit new electric radiators, insurance backed guarantees and all the running costs of dealing with approved electric heating installers.

Other things that effect cost are how many storage heaters you need replaced, the type of radiator you select for the replacement and if you need any other renewable products. If are interested in solar panels, battery storage or electric water heaters, then we can apply a discount for purchase of multiple products.

Electric Storage Heater Grants Scotland

During 2024 and going into 2023 there is funding available in Scotland to assist you when upgrading old electric storage heaters to modern high heat retention models.

Loans are often only available when you purchase solar products alongside electric heating, however, in some cases you can still get funding to replace your old electric storage heaters with high heat retention storage heaters and for air source heat pumps.

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