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Loft Insulation Installers Aberdeen

Home Renewables Scotland has a team of dedicated loft insulation installers with strong experience and the company has been installing insulation in homes across Scotland for over 15 years.

Unlike many home improvements and sales companies, our insulation installers are in house and we have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds on vans and insulation equipment or “rigs” as they are commonly known as in the trade.

There are a lot of myths and gross exaggerations about insulation, the majority of the claims are scaremongering and have no science or evidence behind them. It is however worth a quick with your building insurance and mortgage provider to ensure your home is suitable and that your insurance will still be valid.

Spray foam insulation and especially loft insulation is a well established, proven method of improving your home’s temperature and reducing your energy bills.

Loft insulation has been shown to be superior to other forms of home insulation such as internal wall, underfloor, and roof insulation. They do however all compliment each other and any gaps in other parts of your home do undermine efforts in isolated areas such as your loft.

You will find our installers hardworking, competent and efficient due to the high volume of installations they complete each week. Most of our installers are based in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Glasgow which allows us to comfortably install loft insulation in Scotland.

Loft Insulation Grants Aberdeen

There are loft insulation grants available in Scotland, providing free or discounted loft insulation. The criteria to qualify for a loft insulation grant includes being receipt of some kind of government benefits, being a homeowner and your homes energy efficient rating falling below a certain criteria, anywhere from D, E, F or G.

What is Loft Insulation

Spray foam loft insulation is a type of foam liquid that is applied via a spray rig system and then left to dry forming a thick airtight home insulation solution. Spray foam insulation has far better heat resistance transfer than its wool insulation predecessor which makes it a superior insulator. Spray foam insulation is comprised of two different types, closed cell, and open cell.

Although there has been some scaremongering around insulation especially loft insulation as listed above, on the contrary if the most effective type of loft insulation you can install. It has a  range of benefits including being completely air tight, improving both insulation during the winter and providing cooler air during the summer months, being more hygienic and providing sound proofing benefits far superior to mineral wool and other types of loft insulation.  

Kingspan Insulation Installers Aberdeen

Kingspan is the words largest insulation brand as well as being the leading product in the UK marketplace and the most commonly installed insulation in Aberdeen.  

Home Renewables Scotland has been installing Kingspan insulation for over a decade now, we are an approved installer of their Synthesia insulation product.

Kingpsan Synthesia Open-Cell

Synthesia open cell insulation has two different versions available, acoustic and thermic. Acoustic open cell is comprised of isocyanate and polyol, both types have low levels of water absorption and density allowing them to be more easily applied. They are 100% water blown making them more suitable for installing on your walls, roof, floor, and loft space.

Kingpsan Synthesia Closed-Cell

The closed cell version of Synthesia has better thermal properties, it still consists of polyol and isocyanate versions. Close cell contains 90% + closed cell, meaning it has more thermal benefits than open cell and in most cases is better for home insulation and lofts.

Loft Insulation Benefits

Spray foam insulation has been the most popular form of home insulation in Aberdeen for the last two decades and continues to increase in popularity. Listed below are some of the fundamental benefits of having insulation installed in your loft.

When installed correctly, insulation will be airtight, meaning no gaps, ensuring all the heat generated by your homes central heating remains inside. 

Customers often report that they can turn their central heating off much sooner than before their insulation was installed and that heat remains in the air for several hours afterwards.

It’s a well known fact that insulation does not just mean warmer winters. Home insulation and in particular loft insulation prevents outdoor warm heat and air from travelling inside your roof, loft and walls helping to keep the air nice and cool. 

Insulation helps reduce noise from outdoors and from between different sections from inside your home. Although it still has some soundproofing benefits, loft insulation is less effective than the likes of internal wall insulation in this regard.

Spray foam loft insulation is much more hygienic than traditional wool loft insulation material. Wool products where popular in previous decades in Scotland, they are known for gathering all kinds of dust, debris and bacteria.

Kingspan Synthesia

Other Types of Loft Insulation You Can Install

There are various types of loft insulation that you can install in your home, listed below are some of the most popular loft insulation materials installed in Aberdeen:

Sheet loft insulation is derived from natural or synthetic insulation boards that can be installed in your loft.

Fiberglass loft insulation is ideal for installing in lofts with hard to reach areas. 

Blanket loft insulation is the easiest to install especially between the joists, however, it is not always ideal depending on your lofts roof and other factors.

Loose fill loft insulation is created from a variety of recycled materials. (you would be surprised!) It can be effective, however, it is not something we would recommend or install.

Urea Formaldehyde or (UF) foam is not longer installed in peoples homes, only industrial properties.

Cementitious Foam is more suited to close cavities or cavity wall insulation.

Phenolic Foam is a rigid insulation board not really used these days. This was more in circulation around 2010-2014 until it was discovered it shrank too much over time, loosing many of its benefits.

Knauf Wool Loft Insulation

Warmer Homes Scotland Programme

The Warmer Homes Scotland programme facilitated by Home Energy Scotland awards funding of up to and above £5000 for improving your homes heating. This includes loft insulation, wall insulation, draught proofing, central heating and other renewables.

Home Renewables Scotland can assist you with your application and if successful manage your loft insulation installation using the allocated funding.

Loft Insulation Aberdeen

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Solar panels and other renewable energy products also available.

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