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IWA Deposit and Insurance Backed Guarantee

Home Electric Car Chargers Scotland

Home electric car chargers help owners of electric vehicles charge their cars at home without needing to visit EV charge stations. Home Renewables Scotland offer home EV chargers alongside solar panels and battery storage installations. Our team maintains a strong commitment to offering the latest renewable products for our customers across Scotland.

Our MCS approved installers will provide you with the best advice on how to integrate your EV charger with your solar panels and battery storage system. We have nearly 20 years experience installing renewables like solar panels, wind turbines, electric heating systems, and heat pumps. 

Home electric car chargers reduce fuel costs, increase convenience, and eliminate the stress of endlessly searching for charging points. If you are in the process of looking for an home EV charger installer, then you’re in the right place.

What Is A Home EV Charger?

Home EV chargers consist of pumps, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), batteries, and software. As 2030 approaches, Scotland residents must prepare for the upcoming government ban on diesel and petrol. Electric cars provide an environmentally safe alternative that protects the air quality and environment from further damage. 

Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh have formed a coalition to protect major Scottish cities from environmental damage. Low emission zones (LEZs) have been established throughout Scotland to curb the effects of climate change. As the switch to electric vehicles grows, the importance of reliable home EV chargers dramatically increases. 

EV car chargers come equipped with the following features:

  • WiFi connection capabilities 
  • Weather-resistant wall mount 
  • Tethered power lead 
  • Display screen 
  • Charging port 
  • Street parking or driveway charging capabilities 

Untethered, tethered, and smart charge points installed in homes prove incredibly convenient for busy homeowners. Avoid the distress of searching for car charging stations by trusting your local renewable energy installers for all your home EV charger installations. 

How Does A Home EV Charger Work?

Although home EV chargers appear to charge electric vehicles independently, electric vehicles contain the actual charging stations. For example, the Tesla Model 3 and Kia EV6 contain lithium iron phosphate battery packs that store electrical currents. Home EV chargers deliver electricity from your home into the battery packs of electric vehicles. 

Home EV chargers typically accommodate Type 2 connections. The EU issued a mandate that requires all-electric vehicles to use Type 2 connectors. Older models of cars, such as the early Chevy Volts and Nissan LEAFs, may need adaptors to charge appropriately with home EV chargers. 

You may think, “Why can’t I use a three-pin plug to charge my electric vehicle?” Unfortunately, pin plugs fail to draw enough electricity to charge electric cars efficiently. Technically, pin plugs could charge your electric vehicle, but the charging at home process could take days or weeks! 

Many current electric vehicle models support a charging rate of 7 to 12kW. To put those numbers in perspective, smartphones use around 0.035 kWh a week. While standard pin plug outlets easily support the charging of cell phones, electric cars require a more robust electric charge. 

Benefits Of Home EV Chargers

Home EV chargers work wonderfully if you use your car for long trips and frequent travel excursions. Similarly, those that utilize electric vehicles for short trips also benefit from the convenience of in-home charging stations. Imagine never having to seek out a fuel station ever again! 

The environment dramatically benefits from home EV charging stations as well. The electric car industry has doubled since 2021 and continues to trend upward. As the effects of climate change become more noticeable, customers more readily consider the benefits of driving electric vehicles. 

Home EV chargers enable drivers to have control over their entire driving experience, so you never have to wait in line at a public charging station.

Home EV chargers reduce carbon emissions and help curb the effects of global warming. The many advantages of installing home EV chargers include the following: 

Frequent trips to charging stations waste tremendous amounts of time and energy. Home EV chargers add convenience to drivers’ lives and prevent hours of searching for the nearest charging station. Despite the widespread growth of charging stations around Europe, finding a charging station in an unknown location proves difficult. 

Drivers also benefit from the ability to charge electric vehicles overnight. Park your car when you get home, plug into your home EV charger, and sleep soundly, knowing that your car remains charged. Many models of electric vehicles can charge fully in just three to four hours. 

Avoid waiting in line at charging stations by installing a new home EV charging station. Our professionals can install home EV chargers in less than an hour and provide expert tips for maintaining your charging station. 

Unpredictable petrol prices, costly repairs and services, and poor fuel efficiency of gas-powered cars add up in cost over time. Electric vehicles and affordable home EV chargers save drivers thousands of dollars annually. Convenient home charging stations cost a fraction of weekly petrol fill-ups. 

The Low Carbon Transport Loan program offers interest-free loans towards purchasing electric vehicles. As the global community adopts mainstream use of electric cars, the price of home EV chargers will continue to decrease.

Speak with your local renewable energy installers for more information about Scotland’s commitment to environmentally friendly cars. 

As the use of electric vehicles trends upward, more potential homeowners seek properties equipped with home EV chargers. Installing a home EV charger increases your home’s curb appeal and value. Always ask the installer of your home EV charger about safe installation techniques to avoid wires hanging out windows, into streets, and through major walkways. 

Home EV charge point
Home Renewables Scotland

EV Charging and Solar Panels Scotland

EV charging and solar panels compliment each other fantastically well! Although convenient, the biggest drawback to using a home EV charger is your electricity bills will shoot through the roof, depending on the type of electric car you have and how often you drive it of course!

Solar panels especially if optimised with a battery storage system are the perfect way to counter balance this cost and bring your bills back down to an affordable level. 

Let’s face it, a home EV charger is a luxury and provides amazing benefits, like all luxuries it comes with a cost. Solar panels and a battery will allow you to charge your car when you need to without worrying about racking up expensive bills each month.

We provide offers to customers who buy more than one product from us, and as well our 2023 solar panel offer, if you are considering and EV charger and solar panels, some kind of discount can be discussed during your free consultation.

EV Charging With Solar Panels

Connecting EV Charger To Solar Panels

if you have solar panels connected to your home, home EV chargers can easily connect to solar panels to charge your electric vehicle. Solar panels represent an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly means to power all the appliances in your home. Those who install solar panels on their roofs or siding may also be eligible for various tax benefits. 

Always contact trained professionals before transferring photovoltaic energy from solar panels to your power grid, charging port, or home EV charging station. Live wires, dangerous electrical currents, and the risks of electrical fires increase without the supervision of professionals. 

Under the supervision of professionals, consider the following tips for connecting EV charger port to solar panels: 

  • Connect the solar panels to a PV (photovoltaic) charge controller. PV charge controllers prevent solar panel batteries from overcharging, overheating, and becoming unstable. 
  • Connect the PV charge controller to your primary power grid or the EV charging port. 

Experts recommend installing 10 to 15 solar panels to supply enough photovoltaic energy to charge electric vehicles. If you drive your car infrequently, just a few solar panels should provide sufficient power to your home EV charger. Solar panels emit no carbon emissions and help support the growing demand for sustainable electric vehicles. 

EV Charger and Battery Storage

Battery storage options continue to expand worldwide. Residential and commercial battery banks offer reusable energy perfectly suited for fueling electric vehicles. Many townships and local governments provide tax incentives and rebates for those who take advantage of storing energy. 

Trust our trained professionals for all your battery storage needs. Our experts have years of experience connecting home EV chargers to battery storage safely and effectively. We strive to keep Scotland’s electric cars running smoothly. 

2 x Tesla Powerwall Batteries

Interest Free Solar & Renewable Loans

During 2024 there will be more funding available in Scotland to assist you when buying solar panels for your home, and other renewables such as electric heating.

Interest free loans for up to £12,000 repayable over a maximum of 12 years. The loans are available for solar PV, battery storage, biomass boilers and electric storage heaters.

Electric Car Charger Installers Scotland

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Home EV Charger Installers Scotland

Next time you install a new home EV charger, enlist our professionals at Home Renewables Scotland. We treat our customers like family and love providing sustainable services to our community. We strive always to exceed our customer’s expectations. 

When choosing the right installers of home EV chargers, homeowners seek professionalism, attention to detail, and expertise. We have vast experience in green energy technologies and save customers thousands of dollars a year on energy costs. Consider the following reasons for choosing us for all your home EV charger needs: 


We never stop working to find the best and most efficient renewable products for our customers. Our team will provide upfront cost estimates and friendly customer service, never charge customers any hidden fees. We approach all home EV charger installations with care and commitment. 

Customer Satisfaction 

No business succeeds without the support of valuable customers. We seek 100% customer satisfaction and happily answer all customer inquiries and questions. When you call us, your needs come first. 

Contact Home Renewables Scotland

We comfortably serve residents across Scotland from our main office in Edinburgh and locations in Aberdeen and Glasgow. All of our installers understand the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, and will only recommend the most suitable renewable energy products for your home. With a wide range of renewable products available such as solar panels, battery storage, electric heating, domestic wind turbines, solar heat pump and other renewables. 

Get in touch to arrange a free no-obligation today, we look forward to hearing from you!

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