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High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

High heat retention storage heaters are advanced electric storage heating systems designed to efficiently store and release heat in homes or commercial spaces. Unlike traditional electric storage heaters, these modern units incorporate advanced insulation and heating elements, allowing them to retain heat for extended periods. They operate during off-peak electricity hours, storing heat generated overnight and releasing it gradually throughout the day.

These heaters feature highly insulated cores, which minimise heat loss, ensuring that the stored warmth lasts longer. Some high heat retention storage heaters come with innovative controls, allowing users to adjust and optimise the heat output according to their specific heating needs. By utilising off-peak electricity rates and maximising heat retention, these storage heaters offer energy-efficient heating solutions, reducing electricity costs for homeowners and businesses alike.

Installation Of HHR Electric Storage Heaters

Installation of high heat retention storage heaters must be carried our by approved electric heating installers to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. Here are the key factors for installing these heaters:

Hire Approved Installers:

It’s advisable to hire a qualified electrician or heating engineer experienced in high heat retention storage heater installations. They can ensure the heaters are correctly wired, positioned, and configured for efficient operation.

Proper Size of Heaters:

Select storage heaters that are appropriately sized for the rooms they will heat. An oversized or undersized unit can lead to inefficient heating and energy wastage. Consider factors such as room size, insulation, and ceiling height when determining the heater size.

Correct Placement:

Install the heaters on internal walls to maximise heat distribution within the room. Avoid placing furniture or curtains directly in front of the heaters, as it can obstruct heat flow.

Suitable Ventilation:

Ensure there is adequate ventilation in the room to allow proper circulation of heated air. Blocked vents can reduce efficiency and affect the performance of the storage heaters.

Thermostat and Control Setup:

Install the thermostat away from heat sources and draughts, preferably on an internal wall. Calibrate the thermostat correctly to maintain a comfortable temperature while avoiding overheating.


Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local electrical codes when wiring the storage heaters. Improper wiring can lead to malfunctions or, in extreme cases, electrical hazards.

Home Insulation:

Check the insulation of the building, including walls, windows, and roofs. Properly insulated properties retain heat more effectively, allowing the storage heaters to work efficiently.

Regular Maintenance:

Educate users about the proper operation of the storage heaters and schedule regular maintenance checks. Cleaning air vents, checking thermostat accuracy, and inspecting heating elements are essential tasks to ensure longevity and efficiency.

Energy Tariffs:

Consider using off-peak electricity tariffs to charge the storage heaters during low-demand periods, maximising cost savings.

User Education:

Provide users with clear instructions on how to operate the storage heaters efficiently. Encourage them to set the right input and output controls based on their heating needs and the weather conditions.

High Heat Retention Storage Heaters vs Old Storage Heaters?

High heat retention storage heaters and old storage heaters differ significantly in terms of efficiency, insulation, and overall performance. Listed below are some of the benefits of high heat retention storage heaters over old electric storage heaters:

High heat retention storage heaters are designed with advanced insulation materials and improved heating elements, allowing them to retain heat for longer periods compared to old storage heaters. This increased heat retention results in higher efficiency as more heat is preserved and released gradually, reducing the need for constant recharging.

High heat retention storage heaters incorporate better insulation techniques, ensuring minimal heat loss. Old storage heaters, especially those manufactured years ago, may lack modern insulation features, leading to significant heat wastage and reduced efficiency.

High heat retention storage heaters are engineered to distribute heat evenly throughout the room. They often come with advanced fan systems or convective elements that help circulate warm air effectively. Old storage heaters might struggle with uniform heat distribution, leading to hot and cold spots within the room.

Modern high heat retention storage heaters typically offer more precise temperature control options, allowing users to set and maintain specific comfort levels. Older models might have limited temperature control capabilities, making it challenging to adjust the heat output according to varying weather conditions or user preferences.

High heat retention storage heaters are designed to be more energy-efficient, utilising electricity during off-peak hours and maximising the utilisation of cheaper electricity rates. These improved insulation and heat retention properties contribute to higher energy efficiency. Old storage heaters may consume more energy due to heat losses and less efficient heating elements.

High heat retention storage heaters often come in sleek, modern designs and compact sizes, making them suitable for various room aesthetics and space constraints. Old storage heaters tend to be bulkier and might not fit well in modern or smaller living spaces.

High heat retention storage heaters usually require less maintenance due to their advanced design and improved components. Older storage heaters, especially if not well-maintained, may face more frequent issues and require costly repairs.

Get Rid of Old Bulky Inefficient Heaters
In summary, high heat retention storage heaters outperform old storage heaters in terms of efficiency, heat retention, temperature control, and overall energy savings. Upgrading to modern high heat retention storage heaters can result in improved comfort, reduced energy bills, and a more environmentally friendly heating solution.

High Heat Retention Storage Heaters Cost in Scotland

The cost of high heat retention storage heaters in Scotland can vary widely based on several factors, including the brand, size, features, and installation requirements. Additionally, the overall cost includes not only the purchase price of the heaters themselves but also the charges to have them fitted by approved installers and any additional accessories or controls.

It’s essential to obtain quotes from multiple installers and to factor in the long term savings of having more efficient heating. Do your research and compare the energy efficiency ratings and customer reviews of different models to make an informed decision about the most suitable and cost-effective high heat retention storage heaters for your home.

High Heat Retention Storage Heater Grants Scotland

In 2023, there are government grants available in Scotland for people looking to buy solar panels, renewables and electric heating such as high heat retention storage heaters.

Financial support, including grants and loans via Home Energy Scotland, is specifically designated for the purchase of solar products when combined with electric storage heaters. Funding opportunities are still accessible for people only looking to replace old electric storage heaters with advanced high heat retention models.

There is currently a grant of £2,500 plus a further interest free loan of £3,000 available to eligible homeowners in Scotland.

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