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Ground mounted solar PV Systems up to 100kw

Ground Mounted Solar PV

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Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Do you want to be more energy-independent and reduce your bills, but unsure about a roof mount solar panel system? Perhaps you don’t have the space?

Ground mounted solar panels from Home Renewables Scotland could be for you.

In lots of circumstances you can easily install ground mounted solar PV systems on the ground, it can often be a far better option for properties such as farms. 

Our expert solar installers and surveyors will advise you on what your best options are for a system that provides the optimum performance.

Our Ground Mounted PV systems

Ground mounted solar PV systems use the same solar panels as rooftop installations, the installation process differs of course. It involves constructing a support structure and extensive wiring to support the solar PV protection devices.

The exact design of these systems depends on your needs and site characteristics. However, it typically includes:

·         A power inverter

·         A battery bank

·         An automatic transfer switch (for backup power during grid outages)

Home Renewables Scotland typically uses 60 cell solar panels for homes and 72 cell panels for commercial solar panel installations

Benefits Of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels are often more affordable than rooftop panels. Their installation cost is less because you need fewer materials. Furthermore, there are no structural rooftop issues to consider.

These systems have an orientation and tilt angle solar tracking capability to maximise sunlight capture. This feature enhances energy generation and increases electricity output. In contrast, this aspect is not an option for most rooftop installations.

If you have a small yard with some of it free of obstructions, you may be a good candidate for a ground mounted solar panel system. A 10 kW size array will only need about 1,000 square feet to install solar panels.

Ground mounted solar PV systems are relatively safe from electrical hazards like lightning strikes or faulty grounding. These hazards can cause an electrical fire in rooftop installations due to the high voltage on your roof. Ground mounted solar panels also don’t need cable-to-frame connection, which can sustain significant damage from strong winds or rainstorms.

Solar panels on the ground
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Rooftop solar panels are an excellent way to generate power for your home. However, they pose some hazards that ground mounted systems don’t. Your roof is also limited in terms of space, so if you are looking for a large PV system ground mounted panels might be the better option. Fortunately, Home Renewables Scotland offers in ground mounted solar panel installation throughout Scotland.

Our experts will visit your home or business to estimate the square footage required. They’ll also discuss the pro’s and con’s of installing solar panels on the ground at your location.

Contact us to discuss the installation of ground mounted solar panels across Scotland.

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