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Free Solar Panels Scotland

Free solar panels are available throughout Scotland! Free and part funded solar panels are available for homeowners in Scotland as part of the  governments net zero strategy aiming to have the UK meet our net zero emissions target by 2050. The idea behind providing things such as free solar panels, is to reduce each households carbon emissions whilst laying foundations for a green economic recovery following COVID-19.

The United Kingdom and particularly Scotland, has in many ways led the way for having a high percentage of households in the country that have solar panels, domestic renewables, ECO friendly heat and electricity generation products. The government funded initiatives offering solar panel grants  of up to £7,500, resulting in 100% free solar panels which will go a long way to ensure future targets are met.

Solar Panel Grants Scotland

There are various grants available in Scotland for solar panels. Regardless wether you are on benefits, a pensioner in receipt of pension credits or working with earnings under £31,000, there are grants you qualify for that provide free solar panels, part funded panels or interest free loans. 

If you are work full time and are looking for an interest free loan of up to £12,000 over a maximum of 12 years we can help you. Should this be the case it is best that you call or email leaving your contact number or complete the form on our contact us page.

If you are looking to apply for a grant for free or part funded solar panels, then it’s better you complete the short contact form on this page.

Home Energy Scotland are offering grants of up to £7,5000 worth of solar PV products which fall under energy efficient improvements. There is also grants available for up to £7,5000 for zero emission heating which is more related to the free boiler scheme. Grants for up to £9,000 are available for if you live in a rural area, which could be used for things such as ground mounted solar panels and air source heat pumps.

Part funded solar grants are more of a grey area, generally you are more likely to find out how much of a discount you qualify for after you apply for funding.

Free Solar Battery Scotland

Solar battery storage in Scotland is becoming increasingly popular as more homeowners and businesses look for ways to maximise the benefits of their solar PV systems. Solar battery storage allows you to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during the evenings or on cloudy days, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your electricity bills.

There are both free solar battery storage grants and part funded options available. The free solar battery storage is available as government grants through the ECO 4 scheme and the local authority flex or (LA Flex) which is available in certain parts of Scotland. 

Free Solar Panel Installation

Free Solar Panels and Battery

You can also qualify for a grant for free solar panels and battery storage. Solar panels work far better with a battery storage system, if you are aware funding for both, we can handle the full process from grant application through to installation. 

How Much Funding Will You Get?

The amount of funding you receive depends of various factors including the size of your home and your homes heat loss calculation which determines how many kW is required to power your home. All of this will be looking at during your homes retrofit assessment carried out by a qualified EPC assessor.    

Can Pensioners Get Help With Solar Panels?

Pensioners (people aged over 60 years of age) qualify for free solar panels or a grant that provides a discount. If you or a loved one over 60 years old who lives with you is in receipt of pension credit guarantee, any other state pension or any of the benefits listed below, you will qualify for free solar panels.

Who Qualifies For Solar Panel Grants in Scotland?

The governments ECO 4 grant scheme provides funding for various home improvements that improve your homes energy efficiency. The ECO 4 grant has been available since April 2022 and runs until the 31st of March 2026. 

People who live in homes with an EPC rating of D, E, F or G are even more likely to qualify for a grant, having even as little as 4 solar panels will drastically improve your homes EPC rating.

Grants can be used for various heating and renewable products such as solar panels, home insulation, combi boilers, heat pumps and storage heaters.

You qualify for free solar panels and solar panel grants if you are:

  • A homeowner, tenant or in the process of building your own home.
  • Private landlords do not qualify for free solar panels or grants. Best to apply for a private landlord loan.
  • Are over 60 years of age and in receipt of any pension credits or certain benefits.
  • On any of the benefits listed below.
  • Properties with no gas meters (off gas properties).
  • Only properties with oil boilers, LPG boilers and electric boilers.

Benefits That Qualify For Free Solar Panels?

Free Solar Panel Installation in Scotland

Free Solar Panels Available

Listed below are the types of solar panels we supply and install for people who qualify for a solar panel grant.

Monocrystalline panels consist of one large silicon crystal instead of chips of smaller ones. This large size makes them more expensive initially but also exceptionally efficient. Select these if you’re seeking the maximum yield from your investment in solar panel installation.

The panels are usually black but can come in a range of colours. In terms of quality, these work well for small spaces requiring much electricity.

Made from several tiny silicon crystals, these made up the first generation of solar panels. Inexpensive to produce, they are less cutting-edge than hybrid or mono panels. They are less efficient than monocrystalline but also the least expensive option.

These solar panels are blue and larger than the newer types, making them ineffective in small spaces.

Amorphous solar panel installation is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility. The solar panel installers place several layers of the film on top of each other. Each layer reacts to specific light frequencies, with the whole acting similarly to a solar panel.

The advantage of these products is that they’re more like a membrane than a bulky panel and can be flexible. You can apply the film over glass, steel, or any suitable substrate. Therefore, you can use them in many different applications.

For example, you could cover the entire roof without concern about the additional weight. You could also potentially apply the film to a window or skylight if that is the only space available.

The downside is that these products are less efficient than their counterparts; therefore, you will need more of them. The upside is that they cost less, tolerate high heat, and are low profile.

Hybrid solar panels combine the best features of organic and inorganic semiconductors. The combination increases the amount of light the cells can absorb. Therefore, they are highly efficient, produce a large amount of electricity, and are ideal for small spaces.

While the costliest option, these are the best choice for Scotland’s climate due to their high efficiency. On the downside, the relative newness of this technology means you must pay the prices the established brands charge or risk a less reliable model.

Up to 16 solar panels installed free of charge
Home Renewables Scotland

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Listed below are some of the benefits of installing solar panels on your home.

Installing a 4kW system will save you hundreds of pounds every year on rising electricity bills.

As you no longer need to rely on the grid, you are more immune to future price increases.

You can even sell excess energy back to the grid at the prevailing rate.

By switching to renewable energy, you help the environment and reduce the reliance on gas and other traditional fossil fuels.

The savings in energy costs means that your solar panel system ultimately pays for itself over the years.

Solar panel grants in Scotland
Home Renewables Scotland

Free Solar Panel Scheme Scotland

The governments ECO 4 grant scheme awards funding to people to improve their homes energy efficiency. 

The Energy Company Obligation or ECO 4 scheme provides £4 billion to improve energy efficiency and heating measures to homes in Scotland and across the UK.

Should you not qualify for the ECO 4 grant scheme there are other grants available that provide free and part funded solar panels which we have provided useful links to on the list below.

Other Solar Panel Grants Scotland 2024

Aside from the ECO 4 grant there are various other solar panel grants available in Scotland during 2024. Here is a list of useful links for Scottish solar panel grants:

  1. Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan.
  2. Local Energy Scotland Cares Funding.
  3. Business Energy Scotland SME Loan Scheme.

Solar Panels For Free in Scotland

Free and part funded solar panel grants

Qualify For Free Solar Panels Scotland

In order to begin your application for a free or part funded solar grant we need to complete a home survey.

Contact Home Renewables Scotland today at on 0131 381 8533 for your free consultation for solar panels for your home or business. With an office in Edinburgh and presence in Glasgow and Aberdeen our team can help regardless where you are based in Scotland.

Areas of Scotland We Install Free Solar Panels

Apply for free solar panels across Scotland, we can manage your application and installation in areas such as Aberdeen, Argyll, Ayrshire, Clackmannanshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Greenock & Inverclyde, Inverness, Lanarkshire, Paisley & Renfrewshire, Perth & Kinross, Stirling, The Borders, The Scottish Islands, West Dunbartonshire and West Lothian.

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