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Free Oil Boiler Scotland

If you live in Scotland, have an old oil boiler and are on some kind of benefits you could qualify for a free oil boiler replacement. Funding is currently not being awarded for a straight switch from oil to oil boiler, instead the incentives are given to install an air source heat pump. In most cases the funding will cover the full cost of an air source heat pump system, which is far more efficient and cheaper to run than an oil boiler if installed correctly.

So to be clear, there is no funding for free oil boilers, however, oil boiler replacement switching to other heating systems is possible.

Free Oil Boiler For People On Benefits

If you’re seeking a free oil boiler and you are on benefits, you may be eligible for government schemes aimed at improving energy efficiency and your homes EPC rating. In Scotland, one such initiative is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Listed below are the main criteria that make you eligible:

Are you a homeowner in Scotland with your name listed on the mortgage or relevant paperwork?

Financial assistance is also accessible for tenants, landlords, and residents of social housing who meet specific criteria.

Are you currently receiving benefits? The majority of benefits qualify for a free boiler under the ECO 4 boiler scheme. A detailed list of accepted benefits is provided below on this page.

To qualify, you must be in receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit and be aged 60 or above. If Pension Guarantee Credit is not received, eligibility is still possible if you receive Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

Replace your oil boiler with an air source heat pump
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Switch From An Oil Boiler To A Heat Pump

Switching from an old oil boiler to an air source heat pump can be a beneficial and environmentally friendly decision. Here is some information to consider:


Benefits of Switching to an Air Source Heat Pump:

Energy Efficiency:

Air source heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, providing effective heating for your home while requiring less energy input than traditional oil boilers.

Renewable Energy Source:

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, making them a renewable energy source. This can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Lower Operating Costs:

Air source heat pumps often result in lower operating costs compared to oil boilers. They can lead to significant long-term savings on energy bills.

Reduced Emissions:

By utilising heat from the air, air source heat pumps produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to burning oil for heating.


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Oil Boiler Grants Scotland

The eligibility criteria for obtaining grants for free oil boilers is fundamentally down to being on some kind of income relate benefit. Oilbbased heating systems are antiquated and can frequently result in higher operational costs compared to gas central heating. We advise considering alternatives such as powering your home with an air source heat pump, solar panels, or transitioning to gas central heating. Additionally, if your home has a gas meter installed before March 31st, 2022, you may qualify for a complimentary gas boiler and central heating system.

The Scottish and UK governments have been running free boiler schemes and various initiatives to offer financial support to UK homeowners for more than a decade. The most recent government grant is the ECO 4 scheme, which commenced in April 2022 and is scheduled to continue until March 31, 2026.

The nationwide ECO scheme was initiated in 2013, providing free boilers to UK homeowners receiving specific benefits. Initially available in Aberdeen, a few years later, in 2015, a home energy and fuel poverty scheme was introduced specifically for homeowners in Scotland.

Free Oil Boiler For Pensioners Scotland

Pensioners in Scotland are entitled to free boilers.

If you or someone you care about is interested in determining eligibility for a free boiler grant, the criteria are straightforward: To qualify, you must receive Pension Guarantee Credit and be aged 60 or older. In the case of Scottish residents who are pensioners (aged 60 and above) without Pension Guarantee Credit, eligibility may still be possible if they receive Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

Individuals aged 65 or older are highly likely to qualify for a free boiler grant, irrespective of the specific type of pension they receive.


Benefits Accepted For Oil Boiler Grants

To be eligible for a free oil boiler through the ECO 4 scheme individuals must meet the criteria associated and be on specific income related benefits. The following is a compilation of accepted benefits that qualify applicants for a free oil boiler under these schemes:

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The ECO 4 scheme or Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, implemented by the UK government, represents the latest initiative offering financial support for enhancing energy efficiency in homes throughout the United Kingdom.

Contact us at the following numbers to initiate your application for a complimentary boiler:

Areas Of Scotland We Provide Oil Boiler Replacement

We offer grants for oil boiler replacement across Scotland in areas such as Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Argyll, Ayrshire, Clackmannanshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Greenock & Inverclyde, Highlands, Inverness, Lanarkshire, Paisley & Renfrewshire, Perth & Kinross, Stirling, The Borders, The Scottish Islands, West Dunbartonshire and West Lothian.

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