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Free Loft Insulation Fife 2024

Free loft insulation remains available in Fife throughout 2024 via government-backed grants. Despite the familiarity of free loft insulation grants over the years, some customers are uncertain about current availability.

Indeed, funding is still accessible. The ECO 4 scheme (Energy Company Obligation) offers the most substantial funding in 2024. This initiative, the latest phase of the ECO scheme, commenced in April 2013. ECO 4 grants were formally launched in 2023, covering funding awarded between April 2022 and March 2026, with the objective of addressing fuel poverty in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, there are other loft insulation grants available that do not necessitate being on benefits. These include the ECO 4 flex scheme, a variation of the ECO 4 scheme catering to employed individuals on lower incomes. Moreover, the Great British Insulation Scheme allocates over £1 billion specifically for home insulation, while the renowned Warmer Homes Scotland program by Home Energy Scotland is another option.

It is not just free loft insulation grants available, there are various types of home insulation on offer including free underfloor insulation, free roof insulation, free room in roof insulation, free cavity wall insulation, free internal wall insulation and free external wall insulation.

Funding for other heating and renewables are also on offer including free combi boilersfree central heatingfree boiler replacement and free solar panels, basically most products that help improve your homes energy efficiency and EPC rating.

Free Loft Insulation For People On Benefits

To be eligible for a free loft insulation grant, you must receive specific income-related benefits. The funding allocated in 2024 aims to assist individuals with low incomes who may be at risk of fuel poverty.

Here is a list of the qualifying benefits:

Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Housing Benefit, Pension Credit, Universal Credit (UC), Work Tax Credit, Warm House Discount Scheme Rebate, Child Tax Benefits and Child Benefit (depending on income threshold). 

Free Loft Insulation For Pensioners Fife

Pensioners in Glasgow can also benefit from free loft insulation with grants. These grants are available to those aged 60 and above who receive pension credit guarantee, pension credit savings or any of the aforementioned benefits. If you meet these criteria, you are eligible for the grant.

Other Loft Insulation Grants in Fife

Other loft insulation grants in Fife include:

Home Energy Fife Grants and Loans

Home Energy Scotland have grants and interest free loans available for loft insulation as well as various other home insulation, heating and renewable products.

The grant available is called Warmer Homes Scotland which is backed by the Scottish Government. Funding is available for homeowners and private sector tenants that have stayed in their property for a minimum of six months and who meet other criteria.

Warmer Homes Fife

The Warmer Homes Scotland Programme is available again in 2024 after being paused in March 2023 and resuming in October 2023.

Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan

The Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan is available for landlords and businesses that own rental properties.

For business applications you need match various criteria which is shown on the Home Energy Scotland website.

The Green Deal 2024

The Green Deal remains accessible in 2024, with home insulation options like solid wall, cavity wall, and loft insulation being highly sought after choices for funding.

The Green Deal also extends financial support for central heating, draught proofing, double glazing, and renewable energy installations like solar panels and heat pumps.


What is Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation is available in various materials, serving as barriers within the spaces between your roof and loft.

Installation can be done between your roof rafters and/or the joists on the floor of your loft space.

Loft insulation aims to prevent heat loss while increasing heat retention by up to 45 percent. Feedback from customers for whom we’ve installed loft insulation often highlights significantly warmer homes during harsh Scottish winters, along with reports of improved air quality and cooler temperatures in the summer.

By helping to store generated heat and keep cold air out, loft insulation enhances your home’s energy efficiency. Without a well-insulated loft, investments in modern central heating and double glazing may not achieve their full potential.

When installed alongside other energy-efficient products, loft insulation can lead to a reduction in heating bills.

Types of Loft Insulation

There are several types of loft insulation suitable for homes in Fife, with fibreglass and mineral wool loft insulation being the most popular choices. Here are some of the different types available:

Loft insulation board or sheet insulation is a form of rigid insulation that comes in three different types including (XPS) extruded polystyrene, (Polyiso) polyisocyanurate and (EPS) expanded polystyrene.

Fiberglass insulation is created out of molten glass or blown in fibers, it can be anything up to 60 recycled glass that is used. 

As the name suggests, blown in insulation is blown in to holes drilled in your wall, this is more commonly used for cavity wall insulation, however, you can get blown in loft insulation too.

Loose fill insulation is made from foam, fiber and other materials. Loose fill insulation forms a material that can fit it’s way around any structures.

Spray foam loft insulation is a type of foam liquid that is applied via a spray rig system and then left to dry forming a thick airtight home insulation solution.

Blanket insulation is more of a broad term, it comes in insulation batts or rolls and is the most commonly used insulation in the world.

Blanket insulation can come in rolls of fiberglass, sheeps wool, cotton, plastic fibers and natural fibers.

We install Knauf blanket mineral wool loft insulation, Knauf has been around for over 40 years, is the UK’s leading manufacturer of glass mineral wool insulation and is used worldwide. 

Knauf mineral wool loft insulation

Benefits of Loft Insulation

Installing loft insulation in your home offers numerous benefits, complementing other energy-efficient products like modern central heating and double glazing. Here are some specific advantages of loft insulation:

When installed correctly, loft insulation will be airtight, meaning no gaps, ensuring all the heat generated by your homes central heating remains inside. 


Customers often report that they can turn their central heating off much sooner than before their loft insulation was installed and that heat remains in the air for several hours afterwards.

You can expect to retain up to 25% more heat with effective loft insulation.

It’s a well known fact that insulation does not just mean warmer winters. Home insulation and in particular loft insulation prevents outdoor warm heat and air from travelling inside your roof, loft and walls helping to keep the air nice and cool. 

Insulation helps reduce noise from outdoors and from between different sections from inside your home. Although it still has some soundproofing benefits, loft insulation is less effective than the likes of internal wall insulation in this regard.

Benefits of loft insulation
Home Renewables Scotland

Loft Insulation Grants in Fife

Qualify For Free Loft Insulation in Fife

In order to begin your application for free loft insulation we need to check that you qualify, which may involve a home survey.

Contact Home Renewables Scotland today at on 0131 381 8533 to discuss your free loft insulation grant for your home.

Free Loft Insulation in Scotland

You can apply for a free loft insulation grant anywhere in Scotland, we can manage your grant application and installation in areas such as Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Argyll and Bute, Ayrshire, Clackmannanshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dundee, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Greenock & Inverclyde, Highlands, Inverness, Lanarkshire, Paisley & Renfrewshire, Perth & Kinross, Stirling, The BordersWest Dunbartonshire and West Lothian.

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