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Electric Heating Glasgow - Storage Heaters, Electric Heaters & Radiators

At Home Renewables Scotland, we provide professionally fitted and high-quality heating systems in Glasgow and across all of Scotland. Our electric heating solutions can adapt to any space, no matter the size. From electric boilers and central heating systems for domestic properties such as flats and traditional houses with old storage heaters, you can count on our expert electric heating installers to assist you.

 We pride ourselves on being a leading provider in Scotland for local home and business owners looking for fast and professional electric heating installation. Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced installers who will install the perfect electric heating system based on your needs, property, and budget.  


Approved Electric Heating Installers Glasgow

Our electric heating installers are NICEIC and NAPIT approved electricians and heating engineers. We employ local installers in and near Glasgow as well as other parts of the country, providing electric heating supply and installation across Scotland.

We employ and subcontract over a dozen electric heating installers the majority of which have worked with us for over a decade. 


What Is Electric Heating?

Electric heating refers to the process of converting electrical energy into heat either directly through electric radiators or into your pipes of you have a wet electric central heating system. Electric boilers and other heating systems contain electric resistors which act as heating elements. 

 Although electric heating generally is more expensive than the energy you get from fuel combustion, the cleanliness, convenience, and reduced space are incomparable. Many homeowners also believe that electric heating is a better solution, especially for environmental reasons and longer term use.

With electric radiators the heat comes from electric strips or coils, which unlike gas central heating, can be installed almost anywhere in your home. 


Electric – The Future of Central Heating

According to some research, domestic heating accounts for almost 40% of the total carbon emissions in the U.K. Currently, the majority of households use gas-fired boilers to ensure warm water and temperatures throughout the year. However, gas is not always available in certain areas of Scotland and produces carbon emissions, so people often have to consider alternatives such as electric heating. 

 The U.K government has looked at possible solutions for a low carbon economy and decided to shift toward electric heating. Electric systems such as electric radiators, heaters, boilers, and heat pumps are considered to be appropriate technologies for residential and commercial properties. 

 When looking at the future, the government is committed to reducing carbon emissions and focusing on green solutions to ensure a healthier and happier environment for citizens. Due to the likely shift to electric heating by 2050, we are all hoping to see lower CO2 emissions. Electric heating is much more efficient and safer as it converts fuel into heat, keeping your property warm while reducing the overall radiation. 


Electric Heating for Flats in Glasgow

The majority of customers who contact us have either just bought or rented a flat in Glasgow or they are landlords with a flat or multiple flats that have electric heating or storage heaters installed in them.

Old electric storage heaters where installed in most new build flats anywhere from as far back as 1950 well into the early to mid 2000’s.

For more information on electric heating in flats in Glasgow call 0141 673 0784 or complete our short contact form.

Modern Electric Heating Benefits

As more and more people choose electric central heating instead of gas-powered systems, they wonder about the benefits these solutions provide. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you decide to replace storage heaters or traditional boilers. 


While some claim that the initial cost savings counteract in the long run due to the high cost per electrical unit vs. the cost per gas unit, it is not true. The latest price projections show that the gas cost is expected to grow, and gas production is expected to decline. 

Electric heating units have a lower upfront cost than gas-powered systems. Besides, electric heating systems last longer than gas or oil boilers (some last 50% longer). The reason is internal moving parts, which decrease the risk of a malfunction or tear and wear compared to other heating options. 


Electric radiators and boilers are safer than alternatives because they don’t burn fuel to generate heat. As a result, none of the common safety risks such as explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning is possible. Besides, electric systems are silent in operation. 

Ease of Installation 

Wet electric heating systems and other electric-powered solutions are quick and easy to install because there is no complex pipework. All you need is a stable connection to the electrical circuit, meaning you can install electric radiators or electric storage heaters anywhere on the property and with minimal disruption. 

At Home Renewables Scotland, we understand how vital the process of installing new electric heaters or radiators in your home is. We use the latest tools and equipment to ensure fast and efficient installation without disturbing you, your family, or your employees. 


Electric heating systems are 100% efficient. For example, if you pay for 10kW of electricity, you will get and use 10kW of heat. Compared to other options, these numbers are much higher. Conventional or gas-powered systems lose heat through flues, meaning you will get less and pay for more electricity. 

Replace Old Storage Heaters Glasgow

Swap Your Old Storage Heating For Modern Electric Radiators

Replace Your Old Storage Heaters Glasgow

There is no better time to replace your old storage heaters and turn to German electric radiators or modern high heat retention storage heaters. At Home Renewables Scotland, we excel in installing electric storage units for local home and business owners. Some of the benefits you can expect are:

      Additional heat when necessary 

      Even distribution of heat 

      Programmable heating schedule 

      An option to customise your heating needs and requirements

      Available in various sizes

      Thermostatic controls

German Electric Radiators Glasgow

At Home Renewables Scotland, we collaborate with the best brands on the market to ensure quality and superior performance. Keeping our clients happy and satisfied is on top of our priority list, so rest assured we’ll do everything to choose and install the right radiator for your property.

 When you choose us for electric heating systems in Glasgow, you can expect us to provide you with some of the most durable, most efficient, and safest options in the industry. Furthermore, we will analyse your current radiators and offer the perfect replacement based on your budget and property size. 

Modern Electric Radiators and Heaters Glasgow

ECO Efficient Electric Heating

Electric Storage Heaters Glasgow

Clay core storage heaters and radiators are German made systems and a symbol of endurance and quality. When you install clay core heaters and radiators, you can expect:

      Superb heat output 

      Comfortable and cosy room environment (even in the coldest months of the year)

      Low running costs (they use less than half the power of other heaters and radiators)

      Absolute control over your energy use

      Flexible fixing 

      Available in various sizes to suit multiple needs

      Easy installation 

      Clean running (no pollution, no leaking pipes, no mess)

      Competitive prices 

 Looking for honest accurate advice on electric heating in Glasgow?

Trust the experts from Home Renewables Scotland to deliver a consultation based on integrity and what truly is most suitable for your home with some of the best makes and models on the market. Call us today or complete our short contact form to arrange a consultation with one of our experts. 

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