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Air Source Heat Pump Aberdeen

Air source heat pumps have been around for decades however they have become more popular in Aberdeen over the last few years, more commonly found in countries such as Russia and The United States of America.

The recent surge in popularity in Scotland has been due to the rise in the cost of living, in particular household energy bills. Sales of heat pumps in the European Union between 2020 and 2021 increased by 35% with 94% of installations being air source heat pumps as opposed to ground and water source systems.

Since 2020, Scottish household electricity costs have been increasing and have reached an all time high in the last year, which has led to consumers looking at renewable energy solutions such as solar panels, battery storage systems and air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps, especially air to water systems are one of the most energy efficient and affordable ways to heat your home if operating a non gas heating system such as electric storage heaters, an electric boiler system or any other type of LPG, oil or electric heating.

MCS Approved Heat Pump Installers

The installations team at Home Renewables Scotland are MCS approved heat pump installers. We only supply and fit air source heat pumps as ground source systems often don’t provide a strong return on investment and require vigorous maintenance to keep them working well. Our team of installers is comprised of solar panel installers, heating engineers and electricians meaning we can provide you with a fully comprehensive installation for all types of renewable products.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps are modern heating systems that provide hot air and water for your home. The air systems are known as air to air heat pumps that work like an air conditioning unit providing both warm and cold air.

The air to water systems heat your home like traditional central heating by transferring hot water through your pipework to heat radiators, heaters and also to provide hot water for your showers, baths and taps.

How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work

Air source heat pumps have often been called a fridge in reverse, which is a the perfect way to summarise how they work. They absorb heat from the air outside (even in the coldest of climates with temperatures below zero) and distribute the heat inside your home via hot air or hot water.

Air source heat pumps use electricity to extract heat from the air outside which is absorbed into a fluid which proceeds to go through a heat exchanger inside the heat pump, this increases the temperature, transferring this heat and fluid into hot water.


Quality Heat Pump Installation is Paramount

The performance of air source heat pumps is very much down to the quality of the installation and suitability of the system to your home. 

Bad examples of suitability include some companies installing air source heat pumps in flats! Yes we have seen this!

Poor installation causes issues in performance in terms of energy efficiency as well as issues with the functioning of the pump itself, which can then cost you money in maintenance, repairs and running costs.

You also need to ensure there is somewhere suitable for the installation, another reason why flats are not suitable. Somewhere outside your home with a reasonable amount of air flow such as a wall in your garden that has secure fencing around it is normally suffice.

In order to uphold your manufacturer warranty, all systems must be installed by a certified heat pump installer. 

Types of Air Source Heat Pumps

There are different types of air source heat pumps. 

First of all, as previously mentioned there are different types of methods of heating, either air to air and air to water systems. 

Then there are different types of heat pump systems which are known as monobloc or split systems. 

Air to Air Heat Pumps

Air to air systems produce both warm and cold air just like a traditional air conditioning system, they require the heat pump to be installed outside as well as some air conditioning units indoors.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pumps work just like gas central heating and wet electric heating systems. Hot water is pumped through your pipework to your radiators, boiler and taps. Air to water heat pumps work best with some kind of water tank or cylinder to store hot water.

Monobloc Heat Pumps

A monobloc heat pump is much like a boiler in the regard it is a one block system, meaning all the parts for it are inside the system which is located outside your home.

Split System Heat Pumps

As the name suggests, a split system heat pump can heat separate locations and tends to installed inside your home.

Popular Heat Pump Brands in Scotland

Listed below are the most popular air source heat pump brands in Scotland:

The most popular type of Grant air to water source heat pump is the Aerona³ which is available in four models up to 17kW. 

There are options of a 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW. The Grant Aerona³ has the highest energy efficiency rating (ErP) of A+++ and is quiet mark awarded which is only given the very quietest of modern technology.

Mitsubishi air source heat pumps for domestic properties are named the Ecodan range which has an A++ ErP rating across all of their models. 

It’s one of the most popular heat pumps sold across the globe and is available up to 14kW including 4.5kW, 5kW, 6kW, 8.5kW, 11.2kW and the maximum 14kW output.

There are options for monobloc, air to water and hybrid systems that work alongside your existing central heating system.

Daikin manufacturers heat pumps, air conditioners, air purifiers and ventilation systems.

Their air source heat pumps are known as Altherma pumps available as heating, cooling and hot water systems.

Vokera by Riello air source heat pumps are called the NXHM which is specifically made for domestic use and provides warmer temperatures than the other pumps listed of up to 65°C.

For this reason, Riello NXHM air source heat pumps are a popular choice for underfloor heating, homes with large radiators and for heating swimming pools.


Grant Air Source Heat Pump
Home Renewables Scotland

Best Air Source Heat Pump Aberdeen

There really isn’t any one best air source heat pump available in Aberdeen. It all comes down to your circumstances and requirements, some people are looking for the most affordable system in terms of upfront costs, others are more concerned with performance and efficiency, the best heat pump will vary depending on various factors.

Air Source Heat Pump Benefits

Listed below are some of the benefits of installing an air source heat pump in your home:

One of the main reasons people buy air source heat pumps is to help their home become more eco friendly and energy efficient.

Air source heat pumps are up to 300% more efficient that standard gas boilers. 

All types of heat pumps significantly reduce your homes emissions. 

Installing a heat pump reduces your emissions by at least 20% vs a gas boiler, in some cases over twenty three tonnes of CO2 over a decade. 

Air source heat pumps are one of the most affordable types of non gas heating systems. When compared to oil central heating and standard electric heating, heat pumps normally come out on top in terms of running costs.

Government grants are available through Home Energy Scotland. Grants are 100% non re-payable with up to £7.5k of funding available in areas with mains gas and up to £9k of funding for rural areas not on the gas grid.

Interest free loans additional to Government grants are available for up to £7,500.

Air source heat pumps are one of the most affordable types of electric heating and they can work with your homes existing electric heating system.

Pair your heat pump with solar panels and battery storage to potentially take your home completely off the grid and make it as eco friendly as it gets.

Package deals available from £118 per month for an air source heat pump, solar panels and battery storage.

Home Renewables Scotland

Air Source Heat Pump For Hot Water

The temperature generated by a heat pump is slightly lower than a gas boiler for example, so if you are running a hot bath, you will not need to run as much cold water and your radiators will never become piping hot.   

Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Panels

Air source heat pumps and solar panels make a great combination if your desire is to make your home more energy efficient and to perhaps come off the grid completely. 

Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Battery Storage

Much like combining heat pumps and solar panels, air source heat pumps and solar battery storage work well together. Ideally if you have all three products, your solar panels and battery will provide plenty of energy to power your heat pump, heating system and the rest of your homes appliances.

Air Source Heat Pump and Electric Boiler

Air source heat pumps can be paired with your existing wet electric central heating system sending hot water to your radiators and water tank.

Air Source Heat Pump Grants Aberdeen

Government Grants and Interest Free Loans Scotland 2023 

Planning Permission For An Air Source Heat Pump in Aberdeen

Lots of people ask do air source heat pumps require planning permission in Scotland?

The answer is most likely no, as long as it’s the only air source heat pump installed on that building. The official answer is “one air source heat pump is permitted on a building or within the curtilage of a building.” 

Each circumstance is different and we will discuss if you will require planning permission during your free home survey.

Cost Of Air Source Heat Pump in Aberdeen

The exact cost of an air source heat pump is impossible to predict without completing a home survey. We need to discuss the make, model and type of system thats most suitable for your home, as well as your installation requirements including what existing central heating system you already have.

There are government grants and interest free loans available for heat pumps making the cost more affordable and possibly avoiding any upfront payment.

Air Source Heat Pump Grant Aberdeen

Government grants via Home Energy Scotland of £7,5000 for on gas and £9,000 for rural (off gas) areas.

We can assist you the whole way through your application and provide supply and installation after your funding has been awarded.

Interest Free Loans from Home Energy Aberdeen

Interest free loans for air source heat pumps via Home Energy Scotland for up to £7,500. Once again we will be on hand to guide you through the full process.

Package - ASHP, Solar Panels and Battery Storage


Air source heat pump, solar panels and battery storage supplied and fitted from £118 per month. 

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